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    Black swan: expecting the unexpected

    It happened ten years ago, but memories of Lehman Brothers’ collapse in September 2008 still strikes fear into the heart of corporate treasury. The paralysis in short-term liquidity markets and wider capital market dislocation made refinancing maturing corporate debt nigh on impossible. “Liquidity dried up across the whole financial market,” recalls Stephen Hogan, Vice President Regional Treasury Asia Pacific at Deutsche Post DHL Group, based in Singapore for the past 14 years.

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    Smooth operators: hedging in a volatile world

    When it comes to currencies and commodities, the markets are unusually volatile. In attempting to smooth the ride, hedging can be a useful tool for treasurers. But what are the common mistakes and what constitutes best practice when using this risk management strategy?

  • How technology is helping treasurers deliver strategic advantage

    The age of the strategic treasurer is here; the global financial crisis made sure of that. However, for corporate treasuries to achieve their full strategic potential, support from the right kind of technology is essential, especially when it comes to achieving full visibility over financial flows and the broad sweep of commercial risk. Here, Treasury Today and Openlink explore the ways in which treasurers can deliver strategic advantage to the organisation.

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    The first fully transparent FX hedging portal for treasurers

    With the promise of faster trade executions and full transparency on hedging costs using OTC FX options, here’s a new regulated platform that could change your view of risk protection.

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    Brexit and the currency market

    What has been the true impact of Brexit on the earnings of corporates and how have treasury teams responded?

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    New derivatives accounting rules “challenging”

    The new FRS 102 rules on derivatives accounting are far from intuitive. Careful consideration is required for compliance says expert.

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    Treasurers let down by poor visibility over FX exposures

    Nearly 60% of treasurers in Deloitte’s recent Global FX Survey cite a lack of visibility over currency exposures as being a key challenge in 2016.

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    FX risk: taking a new look at hedging

    Despite the real risk of a company’s financial performance being directly or indirectly affected by FX fluctuations many companies in Asia Pacific still do not have an effective hedging strategy in place. Jean-Philippe Godard, Manager at DPC Asia Ltd. Hong Kong tells Treasury Today Asia why and how corporates can begin to change this.

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    Ready for another CHF-style meltdown?

    It has been just over a year since the Swiss National Bank shocked the markets by announcing it would no longer hold the Swiss franc at a fixed exchange rate with the euro. How should treasurers be reacting now to protect their interests from similar events?

  • Hedging strategies

    This month’s question

    “What hedging strategies are being adopted across the region to address volatility in the commodity and currency markets?”