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    Treasurers let down by poor visibility over FX exposures

    Nearly 60% of treasurers in Deloitte’s recent Global FX Survey cite a lack of visibility over currency exposures as being a key challenge in 2016.

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    FX risk: taking a new look at hedging

    Despite the real risk of a company’s financial performance being directly or indirectly affected by FX fluctuations many companies in Asia Pacific still do not have an effective hedging strategy in place. Jean-Philippe Godard, Manager at DPC Asia Ltd. Hong Kong tells Treasury Today Asia why and how corporates can begin to change this.

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    Ready for another CHF-style meltdown?

    It has been just over a year since the Swiss National Bank shocked the markets by announcing it would no longer hold the Swiss franc at a fixed exchange rate with the euro. How should treasurers be reacting now to protect their interests from similar events?

  • Hedging strategies

    This month’s question

    “What hedging strategies are being adopted across the region to address volatility in the commodity and currency markets?”

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    Metal mayhem: investors rock commodities markets

    There is more to the volatility of commodities markets than simple supply and demand. Treasurers need to be taking a wider view of risk management to stay on top, says one trading expert.

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    Are you ready for the rupiah?

    With the Indonesian regulators recently passing a new law that prohibits the use of the US dollar for quotations and onshore transactions, corporates are rushing to comply before the 1st July deadline.

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    Let the buyer beware: treasury meets procurement

    Corporate failure to effectively manage commodity price swings is not an option – but is it a task for treasury or procurement? In an ideal world it is a shared responsibility says one risk expert.

  • Translation risk

    This month’s question

    “With currency volatility approaching record levels, a growing number of multinationals have seen currency translation negatively impact top line growth figures. Should corporates hedge translation risk?”

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    FX forwards: the wrong option for EM currencies?

    The foreign exchange forward is the most widely used derivative instrument amongst corporate hedgers. Some experts are now questioning the efficacy of forwards when it comes to hedging emerging market currencies. But is it more a case of the instrument being deployed at the wrong time?

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    Preparing for the worst

    The recent election of the left-wing anti-austerity party Syriza has everyone speculating once again on the future of the Eurozone’s embattled periphery. What’s more, the latest episode of Greek turmoil comes at a time when businesses are already feeling uneasy about the deflationary forces that are appearing to take hold in Europe. Here we ask a treasurer, an economist, a banker, and a corporate ratings analyst how they see the situation developing, and what corporates can do to minimise the impact should events take a turn for the worst.