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  • Shadow of a gecko lizard on a leaf

    A hazy shade of banking

    Just over four years ago, non-bank financial firms such as the Reserve Primary Fund were caught up in the storm wreaking havoc on the global financial markets. As a result the regulators are closing in. This article traces the reasons behind the rapid growth in shadow banking during the years leading up to the financial crisis, and then looks at the subsequent regulatory headwinds now shaping its future.

  • Hedge fund night boxers fighting, red verses blue

    Hong Kong’s hedgies trade blows (for charity)

    Last Thursday, some of Hong Kong’s most prominent hedge fund managers took time off from trying to beat the market to spend a night beating up their peers in the ring.

  • A picture of a divorce decree with a pen and roll of US dollars on top of it

    Can’t buy love, but you can sell divorce

    It’s always important to make the most of a bad situation. But Jason Reeve, founder of the Novitas Divorce Litigation fund, has taken it to the next level. By investing in loans to pay for divorce solicitors’ fees, his new fund aims to make money out of the failure of marriage.

  • Equity accounting

    When one company takes a stake in another, it must account for its equity holding in its financial statements. Which method of accounting that the investing company uses to do this depends largely on the percentage of shares (common stock) that have been purchased and the ‘influence’ those shares allow the purchaser to exercise over the investee’s business.

  • Twitter best predictor of stock prices

    Using social networking websites in the office might soon be common practice for fund managers if this move by Derwent Capital is anything to go by. The hedge fund is planning on measuring…

  • High fees and lack of disclosure hurt treasurers in UK, France and Germany

    A new report from Morningstar argues that treasurers need more transparency and low cost competition to enter the money funds market. Investors in the US and Singapore, meanwhile, face a much…

  • Hand with puppet strings

    Who’s pulling the strings? Treasury managed by funds

    Fund managers have a set agenda with a fixed timetable, so inevitably treasurers of companies that are acquired by these investors face specific challenges, often quite different to normal treasury practices. With funding costs and availability expected to be impacted by further regulation globally and private equity and hedge funds sitting on a substantial war chest, a treasurer might just find their company answering to a new boss with a different set of objectives. Are there any lessons to be learned from this style of management?

  • Laws and legislators, regulations and regulators

    There has been such a volume of planned and emergency intervention in the past two years of financial crisis that some observers might think we should be entering a period of consolidation and even reflection on what has actually happened, adopting a more sober view of the future.

  • Hedge funds – off the treasurer’s agenda for good?

    In the past, hedge funds have provided a useful alternative to traditional investments for professional investors. However, recent events and scandals have hit the market hard. A number of hedge funds have closed their doors and as an investment class are pretty much off the agenda for many companies. We look at the issues and the future for this kind of investment as the EC proposes strict new regulations.