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    Cash segmentation and investments

    A successful treasurer is one who achieves a good balance between investing excess cash and delivering the necessary cash resources to support company liquidity. In this article, we look at how categorising cash into separate portfolios enables consideration of the risk/return profile necessary to meet the company’s liquidity requirements.

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    Funding: a costly business

    In recent years, corporate treasurers have had to take a renewed look at their funding structures as regulation pushes up financing fees. In this article, Tim De Knegt, Treasurer for the Port of Rotterdam provides his perspectives on the current situation and why it might be a good time to look at alternatives.

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    A new take on corporate lending

    Cbus, the Australian building industry super fund, has announced plans to begin offering finance to corporates. Here, we sit down with Rob Leck, Manager Debt and Quantitative Solutions at Cbus to find out why.

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    Turning Japanese: a loans market to beat its rivals

    Have changing market conditions left Japanese banks better positioned to capture foreign companies' financing demands than rivals in other Asian financial hubs? We ask a Japanese megabank to explain.

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    Agents of fortune: the value of a credit rating

    A credit rating is generally a requirement of public bond issuance and for some companies is an essential means of accessing debt markets. We look at what it means to be rated.

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    You don’t know what half your assets are worth

    Traditional accounting methods of valuation and recognition of intangible assets are such that many companies around the world have little or no idea of their true value. The negative impact this has on risk management, tax and lending decisions, to name but a few, should not be underestimated.

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    China to lose global manufacturing top spot say business leaders

    Global competitiveness in manufacturing is intense and the competition will ratchet up over the next few years forcing changes in the leader-board or so says a new survey of business leaders. What will staying ahead of the game require?

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    Overcoming pension headaches

    Over recent years we have seen numerous examples of multinational companies making changes to their accounting methods for pension plans and other post-retirement benefits. But that is just one of the many new remedies to which treasurers are turning for relief from their pension headaches these days. In this article, we consider the challenges facing company pension plans, and the skills, knowledge and experience treasurers have to offer in overcoming these challenges.

  • Funding strategies in Asia

    This month’s question

    “Since the financial crisis, corporates in emerging markets (EMs) have been able to borrow increasingly cheaply in foreign currencies, leading to record dollar denominated bond issuance in Asia. Where should EM corporates focus their funding strategies following the rate lift-off recently embarked upon by the Federal Reserve?”

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    The strategic value of insurance: part two

    The ability to accurately calculate the relative merits of purchasing corporate risk insurance versus insuring through a wholly-owned captive insurer versus self-funding a loss opens up a whole new world of informed decision-making. In part two of this look at risk insurance we look at a new Big Data-led take on price comparison.