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  • Fantastic rooftop view of Dubai's modern architecture by night with illuminated skyscrapers

    All action in the Middle East

    Economic and geopolitical uncertainty has been the order of the day in the Middle East over the past 12 months. Treasury Today speaks with Chris van Dijl, Founder at consultancy firm Cugavadi to find out what this all means for treasurers.

  • Crystal globe resting on the ground in a green forest

    Financing the future of the planet

    The green bond market is flourishing, but there is plenty of room for further growth. In this article, we look at the development of the market and explore why corporates should consider issuing green bonds.

  • Healthy green meadow shining in the sun

    60 Second Interview: Sean Kidney, CEO and Co-Founder at the Climate Bonds Initiative

    Sean Kidney, CEO and Co-Founder at the Climate Bonds Initiative candidly tells Treasury Today that more needs to be done to promote green bonds if we are to halt the negative impact that humans are having on the planet.

  • Refinancing

    This issue’s question

    “With corporates in Singapore allegedly facing a US$12bn debt scramble this year as bonds fall due, what should treasurers at these companies be doing to refinance this debt?”

  • Businessman helping little man accross the wall

    Overcoming the refinancing wall

    With Singaporean companies reportedly coming up against a refinancing wall this year, what can treasurers do to avoid losing out in the competition for increasingly scarce and expensive credit?

  • Business meeting taking place in the afternoon

    Welcome to the syndicate

    A syndicated loan is often part of a wider financing strategy, allowing a company direct access to both banks and institutional investors. But why might a corporate use a syndicated loan and how are these arranged and managed? We go back to basics to find out.

  • Old keys hanging from ceiling with one key in the spotlight

    Have you considered asset-based lending?

    Once regarded as a solution for companies in financial difficulty, asset-based lending is now becoming a key tenet of a corporate funding strategy.

  • Coins and plant being watered for growth

    A new take on corporate lending

    Cbus, the Australian building industry super fund, has announced plans to begin offering finance to corporates. Here, we sit down with Rob Leck, Manager Debt and Quantitative Solutions at Cbus to find out why.

  • Baby sugar cane farm in India

    Fresh farm financing

    A pioneering product has been launched by the State Bank of India in conjunction with Jain Farm Fresh that harnesses the power of digitisation to revolutionise how farmers across India sell their goods and access financing.

  • EU paper flags inside a paper envelope and UK outside the envelope

    Making sense of the mess

    After last week’s momentous referendum result, treasurers across the globe will surely be wondering what happens next. Unfortunately, the answer to that question may take a long time to become clear. In the meantime, we review some of the initial reactions and explore a handful of the crucial questions treasurers will need to think about in the months (and, quite possibly, years) ahead.