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  • House of cards on green casino table

    Nick Leeson: the original rogue trader

    This is the story of how one ambitious investment broker singlehandedly bankrupted one of the oldest and most important banks in Britain – and how this episode taught the banking industry the need for proper internal controls and channels of accountability.

  • Europe: drifting apart

    As investors demonstrate unwillingness to finance the social spending of weaker performing Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) countries, those countries who have performed comparatively well and successfully managed their debt deficits are worried they will be left to foot the bill. This article explores the options available and their implications for both strong and weak EMU countries.

  • Ingmar Bergmann, NSI N.V.

    Corporate View: 
    Ingmar Bergmann, NSI N.V.

    As former chairman of the Dutch ACT and a voluntary treasurer of a Premier League volleyball team, urban agriculture scheme and a local Judo club, NSI Corporate Treasurer and Head of Corporate Finance, Ingmar Bergmann is a certainly more than just a day-to-day treasurer. Bergmann reveals how his unique skill set and delight in working with people have shaped his impressive career.

  • Executive View: 
    Juan Pablo Cuevas, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    Juan Pablo Cuevas, Head of Global Transaction Services, Latin America and the Caribbean, at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, explains why many Latin American countries have outperformed developed economies in recent years, the importance of trade to the region, and the challenges that remain before Latin America can realise its full potential.

  • Alex Koh, WPP

    Corporate View: 
    Alex Koh, WPP

    With a career that began in computer auditing before shifting to banking, Alex Koh, Regional Treasurer Asia Pacific at WPP, has finally found his home in corporate treasury. Having sampled work in a number of different countries for a variety of businesses Koh is now focusing on supporting WPP’s growth in Asia Pacific.

  • Cracks in globalisation and EU to break euro

    Despite the rise of globalisation and rapid advances in technology, geopolitics is once again starting to play a key role in Europe. What does this mean for European leaders, and what will be the impact on the future of the euro? ECR Research investigates.

  • Justice scales

    Mark-to-market: a different set of values

    Valuation of assets by mark-to-market is not always appropriate, especially for long-term investments; an additional way to value assets is needed. A leading academic – one of the world’s top commentators on the financial crisis – talks to Treasury Today about a possible solution.

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    Running a tight ship

    From fraud to human error and natural disasters, operational risks can hit corporates in a number of ways – and can prove very costly. As awareness of these risks increases, and the technology and solutions available to help mitigate them become more sophisticated, treasurers are increasingly well-equipped to tackle this crucial area of risk management.

  • City of Bangkok at twilight all lit up

    Thailand: bouncing back

    In recent years, Thailand has undergone major financial sector reform. In the face of labour shortages, natural disaster, political unrest and protective foreign exchange controls, the country has still pushed forward within the ASEAN community, working towards integration with the region’s capital markets. Treasury Today Asia asks what is driving Thailand’s economy, where is it headed and, more importantly, what does all this mean for corporates operating in and out of the country?

  • Pengiuns facing in opposite directions

    I say VNAV, you say CNAV

    The debate around VNAV and CNAV money market funds rages on and on. In the US and the UK most are CNAV, but one firm made the switch to VNAV long before the regulators got involved. Did it know something the others don’t?