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  • Compass on a world map

    How to navigate emerging markets

    From moving capital and managing foreign exchange to building partnerships with local banks, how should treasurers navigate emerging market risk and regulation?

  • Cook book laid out on the kitchen table

    The ideal recipe for treasury in emerging markets

    Emerging markets have long been a critical part of the business mix and growth strategy of multinationals. But how best can treasury navigate emerging market risk and regulation?

  • Marathon runners competing

    China to lose global manufacturing top spot say business leaders

    Global competitiveness in manufacturing is intense and the competition will ratchet up over the next few years forcing changes in the leader-board or so says a new survey of business leaders. What will staying ahead of the game require?

  • Peter Cunningham and Emanuela Saccarola, Citi

    Embracing the unpredictable: a practical approach to managing treasury in volatile markets

    Tackling the volatile marketplaces that make up the world’s emerging economies can be a challenge for corporates looking to expand. For treasurers, a pragmatic approach will keep the ship steady but how does this translate into action?

  • Funding strategies in Asia

    This month’s question

    “Since the financial crisis, corporates in emerging markets (EMs) have been able to borrow increasingly cheaply in foreign currencies, leading to record dollar denominated bond issuance in Asia. Where should EM corporates focus their funding strategies following the rate lift-off recently embarked upon by the Federal Reserve?”

  • Person getting direction from compass

    Liability management: a guide for EM borrowers

    Plunging currencies in emerging markets is not just a foreign exchange risk issue for treasurers; for some of Asia’s US dollar borrowers the recent turmoil also entails serious funding implications. When debts become difficult to service, surely renegotiating early on has to be preferable to defaulting?

  • Bunch of mixed spices in bowls

    Masala bonds: the key takeaways

    Does India’s decision to allow rupee denominated debt to be issued overseas matter to corporate treasurers? We offer three reasons why it should.

  • Rough seas causing crashing waves

    Currencies to watch in 2016

    After a long period of relative calm, foreign exchange markets were hit by some severe turbulence in 2015 as markets reacted to a series of surprise moves by major central banks. Natasha Lala, Managing Director at OANDA Solutions for Business explains why she believes high volatility is here to stay in 2016, before isolating five currencies she says treasurers will need to keep an eye on over the next few months.

  • Roll of 100 dollar notes

    EMs facing dollar debt dilemma

    With a sell-off in many emerging market currencies in the wake of the recent renminbi devaluation, those companies that have binged on cheap dollar debt in recent years might face some tough refinancing challenges ahead.

  • Reading the signs

    Slowing growth and rising interest rates in the global economy could be important signals for things to come. ECR takes a look at how diverging monetary policies, amongst other factors, across the world’s various regions are having a knock-on effect on each other’s economies – but not always in the best way.