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    Top ten business threats revealed

    The 2017 top-ten list of concerns held by business leaders around the world reveal a changing perception of threat.

  • Global economy picking up

    Despite the turmoil caused by President Trump’s ‘America first’ stance and the controversial measures announced in his first few weeks in office, the global economy seems to be gaining momentum.

  • Shadows of a group of people

    Entrusted loans on the rise in China

    Shadow banking, led by corporates, is making an unwelcome resurgence in China.

  • Fiscal stimulus, austerity and sustaining global growth – what does 2017 have in store?

    Certain governments have overseen austerity policies of late but are there signs they are, perhaps, slowly loosening the reins again? Real growth is difficult to sustain and we have recently witnessed the will of the people of the UK and US when called to the ballot boxes in their respective countries. Elections are due to take place in the Netherlands, France, Germany and elsewhere so governments will come under yet greater scrutiny to give their economies the boost they need but is more government stimulus the answer?

  • Flags of Southeast Asia countries

    ASEAN in focus

    As we approach the one year anniversary of AEC integration what have been the most recent developments and what impact have these had on businesses operating across the region?

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    Sub-Saharan Africa: regional insight

    With increasing levels of investment in Sub-Sharan Africa, many treasurers here in Asia Pacific are now having to deal with the nuances and local market realities that are present in this part of world. Here, we take a detailed look at these are and what constitutes best practice in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Big Ben lit up during sunset in London

    ECR report: are financial markets entering a new phase?

    After the first week of September stock prices have declined, the yield on 10-year US Treasuries broke out to the upside from a chart-technical perspective and the 10-year Bund yield has turned positive while the dollar appreciated. This could well herald a new financial market phase. Particularly as it is increasingly likely that central banks are coming to the following conclusions:

  • Containers loading by crane in the night trade port shipping

    Revisiting free trade agreements

    Free trade agreements have been signed at a record rate across Asia Pacific (APAC) in recent years. But for the most part, these are still underutilised by businesses here in the region. We look at why this is the case.

  • Business man playing jenga

    Corporate resilience in an uncertain time

    Uncertainty in the global economic environment is forcing corporates to revisit their strategies. This is especially true in Asia Pacific, where building resilience is at the top of the agenda.

  • Team of business people analyzing statistics

    The new start-up in treasury

    The concept of treasury being a strategic partner has been around for some time now, but rarely do you see this in execution in such a way as at Pfizer. Here, we take a closer look at how the Global Economics team translates the analysis treasury does to fulfil day-to-day tasks into reports for use across the business, and how other smaller teams could replicate similar ideas.