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    ECR report: are financial markets entering a new phase?

    After the first week of September stock prices have declined, the yield on 10-year US Treasuries broke out to the upside from a chart-technical perspective and the 10-year Bund yield has turned positive while the dollar appreciated. This could well herald a new financial market phase. Particularly as it is increasingly likely that central banks are coming to the following conclusions:

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    Revisiting free trade agreements

    Free trade agreements have been signed at a record rate across Asia Pacific (APAC) in recent years. But for the most part, these are still underutilised by businesses here in the region. We look at why this is the case.

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    Corporate resilience in an uncertain time

    Uncertainty in the global economic environment is forcing corporates to revisit their strategies. This is especially true in Asia Pacific, where building resilience is at the top of the agenda.

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    The new start-up in treasury

    The concept of treasury being a strategic partner has been around for some time now, but rarely do you see this in execution in such a way as at Pfizer. Here, we take a closer look at how the Global Economics team translates the analysis treasury does to fulfil day-to-day tasks into reports for use across the business, and how other smaller teams could replicate similar ideas.

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    Sub-Saharan Africa: diamond in the rough

    In regions where the potential is great, corresponding familiarity is typically necessary – ideally on the ground. Nowhere is this more the case than in Sub-Saharan Africa where, without sufficient data, the myths of doing business have historically prevailed, hampering corporates’ ability (and willingness) to adapt to local market realities. We take a closer look at how the tides are turning in favour of those who want to engage in the region’s long-term growth game.

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    Coming in from the cold

    Myanmar is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and is becoming a hot investment target for international companies. But the country’s undeveloped transport and banking infrastructure means corporate treasurers may be in for a bumpy ride, in more ways than one.

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    China: approaching the last mile

    In recent years, China has taken great strides to reform its economy and liberalise the market and we are now arguably entering the final stages on this journey. In this article, a number of experts give their opinions on what they expect the future to hold for China both on a macro-level and also in terms of corporate treasury operations.

  • 2016: major change in monetary policy and more volatility

    Nearly a decade after the financial crisis, it is pertinent to reflect on how far global markets have come. In doing so, however, one thing is clear: although economies across the world, developed and emerging, all heavily influence one another, they are increasingly out of step.

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    India: ready for take off

    India has long been considered a country of enormous opportunity, but in recent years numerous factors have prevented it achieving its full potential. Change, however, is in the air and India may soon be ready to take its seat at the economic top table. What does this all mean for the business and treasury landscape in the country? Treasury Today Asia investigates.

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    ASEAN: what can you expect in 2016?

    There are a large proportion of corporates for whom ASEAN remains unfamiliar. But 2016 could prove the year that the region receives the attention it deserves globally. Here, we talk to Carli Renzi, Director, Industry Insights, Global Financials at ANZ, about their commitment to, and substantial investment in, ASEAN, why ANZ predict it will emerge combined as the world’s fifth largest economy by 2025 and what you can expect from banks in the region looking ahead.