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    Benefits of Asia FTAs limited by complexity

    Bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTAs) have been proliferating at an astonishing rate across Asia in recent years. But how many businesses in the region are actually utilising them? And of those that are, how much of a difference are they making to their trading activities?

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    Turkey: land of opportunity?

    Turkey’s demographics alone make the country stand out: with a median age below 30 and high per-capita GDP, there is significant growth potential. The question is whether the nation can develop a financial and political environment that will attract major private investment from abroad.

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    The Philippines – a land of potential

    Following independence from the United States, the Philippines fell behind other South East Asian nations economically. Recently however the Filipino economy has been on an upward curve and the country has become known as a rising star of the region. While numerous economic improvements have been made in recent years, the country still has some way to go to fulfil its true potential.

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    BAD news for corporate cash flow

    Many corporates in China are finding their cash flow disrupted due to the increasing use of bank acceptance drafts (BADs). Their use has increased as the economy has slowed and credit conditions have tightened, and they now act as a secondary currency, allowing companies to meet their payment obligations.

  • Cracks in globalisation and EU to break euro

    Despite the rise of globalisation and rapid advances in technology, geopolitics is once again starting to play a key role in Europe. What does this mean for European leaders, and what will be the impact on the future of the euro? ECR Research investigates.

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    Big issues: corporate bond market expansion

    New research suggests that not only has the size of corporate bond markets increased almost threefold since 2000, but also that the secondary market is undergoing a transformation. What is the impact of this on corporate issuers?

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    Mark-to-market: a different set of values

    Valuation of assets by mark-to-market is not always appropriate, especially for long-term investments; an additional way to value assets is needed. A leading academic – one of the world’s top commentators on the financial crisis – talks to Treasury Today about a possible solution.

  • US economy improving: but how much?

    Most economists assume that US growth over the coming year will be close to 3%. However, this figure could in fact end up being much higher. And while the Fed believes inflation is not a threat, and that it has every reason to keep interest rates as low as possible to ensure maximum economic growth – we should expect more, not fewer, rate hikes in the future, says ECR Research.

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    Mexico: trading up

    Mexico’s close historic trade links with the US have allowed it to grow alongside its economic juggernaut of a neighbour. However, the Latin American country still faces several challenges to unleashing its full growth potential. The question now is whether it can overcome these roadblocks and become a haven for MNCs operating in the region.

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    Malaysia: 20/20 vision

    With a goal of obtaining developed nation status by 2020, Malaysia is becoming a gateway for investors in the APAC region due to its strategic location and sound financial sector. Six years away from the 2020 deadline, Treasury Today Asia analyses how the country has developed so far and outlines potential challenges that lie ahead.