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    FX risk management: beyond hedging

    Treasury teams need to take a more holistic approach to managing FX risk.

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    Exercising options: getting back to basics with derivatives

    Revered and reviled perhaps in equal measures, derivatives have been traded for many years as both a risk mitigation tool in their simplest form, and as an instrument of profit generation in their more exotic incarnation. Treasury Today goes back to basics on this multifaceted topic.

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    New derivatives accounting rules “challenging”

    The new FRS 102 rules on derivatives accounting are far from intuitive. Careful consideration is required for compliance says expert.

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    Metal mayhem: investors rock commodities markets

    There is more to the volatility of commodities markets than simple supply and demand. Treasurers need to be taking a wider view of risk management to stay on top, says one trading expert.

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    When prices rise

    After a period of little or no inflation in many of the world’s leading economies, it appears we could now be approaching the point where prices finally begin to tick higher. What type of inflation environment can we expect going forward, and how should corporates analyse and quantify their explicit and implicit inflation risk? In this article, experts from banks and leading risk consultancies discuss these and other important questions.

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    T2S is coming: what corporates should know

    As the Eurozone Target2 Securities platform gets set to go live in June, market participants have flagged a warning that repo trade settlement has not been sufficiently covered. What impact will this have on corporate treasurers?

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    Preparing for the worst

    The recent election of the left-wing anti-austerity party Syriza has everyone speculating once again on the future of the Eurozone’s embattled periphery. What’s more, the latest episode of Greek turmoil comes at a time when businesses are already feeling uneasy about the deflationary forces that are appearing to take hold in Europe. Here we ask a treasurer, an economist, a banker, and a corporate ratings analyst how they see the situation developing, and what corporates can do to minimise the impact should events take a turn for the worst.

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    Collateral: the $4 trillion question

    In the years since the crisis, collateral has become an ever more important risk mitigation tool in global financial markets. In fact, as its role in markets continues to grow, some experts believe that collateral represents nothing less than ‘the new cash’: a currency equivalent underpinning both the operation of the capital markets and the broader economy. But what will happen when demand for high quality securities collateral begins to spike?

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    Watchdog proposes OTC derivative standards

    Global market watchdog IOSCO has proposed a number of new standards to mitigate risk in OTC derivatives markets. This comes as the FSB recommends a centralised aggregation mechanism for derivative trade repository data.

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    The charitable treasurer

    When a major international charity or not-for-profit organisation falls foul of a bad FX deal the impact is far greater than a mere accounting loss. Many such organisations lack the treasury know-how that could prevent such financially damaging events. Now is the time for treasurers to make a difference.