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  • Vincenzo Dimase, Market Development Manager, FX – Europe at Refinitiv

    Why it’s time to sign up to the FX Global Code of Conduct

    Launched in 2017, the FX Global Code of Conduct is a voluntary set of principles designed to promote fairness, transparency, liquidity and openness across the global FX market. Vincenzo Dimase, Market Development Manager, FX – Europe at Refinitiv (the financial and risk business of Thomson Reuters is now Refinitiv) explains what the Code means for corporate treasurers and their counterparties and why treasurers should sign up.

  • Business person on phone overlaid with compliance information

    No let up for corporates on the KYC and sanctions front

    Regulators globally have shown financial institutions that violate tough post-crisis compliance rules no mercy and are now, increasingly, showing a determination to also punish corporates that don’t toe the line when it comes to know your customer, anti-money laundering and sanctions.

  • Stack of coins in soil with small plant growing out of the top

    Five investment options for your short-term cash

    With the short-term investment landscape in a period of flux, many treasurers are reviewing how they invest their company’s cash. Treasury Today investigates some of the trending options available to corporates.

  • The Executive Series

    Drawing upon its position as a leading global bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) has a comprehensive and global view of the issues affecting today’s treasurers. In the first part of Treasury Today and Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Executive Series experts from the bank joined a roundtable discussion hosted by Treasury Today Chair, Richard Parkinson, to provide their insights into a diverse range of topics, from the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in treasury management systems to the importance of measuring environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for companies.

  • Why should you adhere to the FX Code of Conduct?

    Prior to the financial crisis, conduct was not generally considered to be critically important. Regulators largely supported a ‘light touch’ approach resulting in widespread lapses in judgement and ethics and a series of scandals. The FX Code of Conduct, based on principles, not detailed rules, sets out to permanently raise FX conduct standards, so why should you sign up?

  • Person on iPad whilst being virtually protected by data security systems

    Power to the people: the essence of GDPR

    The EU GDPR will come into force immediately on 25th May 2018. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Business people with their thumbs up

    Businesses need to do more to maintain a good reputation

    A recent study by EY has found that senior managers are not setting the right tone on business ethics.

  • Rope bridge vanishing in fog

    Sanctions compliance complacency – is your organisation at risk?

    For many companies, the failure to keep fully compliant with expanding sanctions, regulations and procedures can be a fateful mistake. In this article, Parth Desai, Founder and CEO at Pelican outlines how a best-in-class sanctions screening process can be put in place.

  • Clear glass windows in an office building

    Is your company lacking transparency?

    If you are working for an emerging market multinational, then the answer may be yes, if a recent report by Transparency International is to be believed.

  • Silhouette of two business people having conversation

    KYC gets serious

    Recent events have shown that regulators are becoming increasingly serious about KYC. And this is having a detrimental impact on corporates and their banking relationships.