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  • Small shopping trolley with cardboard boxes in them whilst ontop of a laptop keyboard

    A global appetite for eCommerce

    eCommerce presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to tap into new revenue streams around the world. Treasury departments must help their company meet the challenge, with agile eCommerce players ready to eat the lunch of anyone who doesn’t keep up.

  • Griffin Peng, Director of B2B Payment & Financing, Alibaba Group

    Problem Solved: 
    Griffin Peng, Alibaba Group

    A substantial increase in collection volume created a host of reconciliation issues for Alibaba’s treasury department. A multi-currency virtual account offered by Citi provided a solution to this challenge.

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    Castrol India’s cash management revolution

    Castrol India sells its products to over 6,000 customers requiring a highly efficient and well-controlled collection process. Here the team outline how they have developed such a system and the benefits they have gained from this project.

  • David Blair, Acarate

    Cash management: best practice (part two)

    In the second part of this article, continued from the previous issue of Treasury Today Asia, our treasury insider completes his whistle-stop look at what constitutes best practice in cash management today.