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    Virtual accounts: a real alternative to notional pooling?

    Virtual accounts have been the talk of the treasury community in 2016. Virtual cash management could well become next year’s must-have.

  • Treasury strategy for a modern Asia

    Corporates operating in Asia Pacific (APAC) have been faced with many changes and challenges of late. Take, for instance, the numerous regulatory changes taking place across the region’s diverse economies, the slowdown in China, or the changing strategies of many international banks.

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    A smooth flow

    An accurate cash flow forecast is a must for every treasury organisation. In fact, it is the fundamental piece of information on which all treasury decision making is based, and an inaccurate forecast can (and probably will) have a detrimental impact on treasury and business performance. Nevertheless, corporates around the world frequently cite cash flow forecasting, and achieving sufficient visibility over their cash more broadly, as being a key challenge.

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    Cash flow forecasting: lessons from British American Tobacco

    All treasurers want an accurate cash flow forecast. But many are still struggling to attain this. Here, Treasury Today Asia talks to Russell Phillips, Head of Treasury, Asia Pacific at British American Tobacco, who outlines how the treasury have been able to achieve greater accuracy over its cash flow forecast and how you can too.

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    Plunging into the cash pool

    Multicurrency liquidity management in a volatile economic environment is a challenge but tools are available to help mitigate risk, lower costs and maximise efficiency. Treasury Today goes back to basics with the notions of pooling and sweeping.

  • Manish Chopra, Executive Director and product lead, Standard Chartered

    Optimising receivables efficiency through virtual accounts

    Virtual accounts have been receiving substantial attention lately – and it isn’t hard to see why. This solution offers flexibility for corporates to ease reconciliation, improve cash flows and strengthen credit control – particularly desirable outcomes for treasurers seeking working capital optimisation. Standard Chartered details how this solution works and the benefits corporates can expect.

  • Antti Kyyro, Nokia

    Corporate View: 
    Antti Kyyro, Nokia

    Beginning a new role or moving to an unfamiliar country can be a daunting experience. If these two steps are made simultaneously then it can be particularly formidable. If the opportunity is taken with both hands it can be very rewarding as Antti Kyyro, Head of Regional Treasury, APAC at Nokia found when he decided to make the move from Europe to Asia Pacific.

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    Centralising supply chain management

    Corporates around the world will be familiar with centralised treasury structures and the creation of regional treasury centres. Yet, for the most part, sales and procurement remain activities conducted at a local level. Could a switch to a centralised approach offer greater value?

  • Tony Richter, Ian Blackburn and Michèle Zaquine, HSBC

    The art of the possible: future opportunities for treasurers

    The one certainty in the current economic environment is that change is firmly on the agenda. Many may equate this with increased pressure and even risk, especially where the regulatory agenda is seen as one of tighter control. But as new developments in the European landscape unfurl, the smarter treasury operation can position itself to benefit from the very thing that others may fear.

  • Mariano Tannenbaum, Arcos Dorados

    Corporate View: 
    Mariano Tannenbaum, Arcos Dorados

    What is different about corporate treasury in Latin America? According to Mariano Tannenbaum the list is a long one. In this article, he describes what it is like being a corporate treasurer in this notoriously diverse and complex region. He then explains how he and his team at Arcos Dorados were able to establish an almost completely centralised treasury function covering all 20 Latin American markets.