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    Banks eye revenue-generating opportunities from open banking

    Many banks are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about open banking and believe offering solutions around it to their commercial clients could help generate handsome, new revenue streams.

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    Brexit: the known and the unknown

    Even if the more encouraging reports from the past week are borne out, treasurers must still contend with a list of post-Brexit uncertainties.

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    Black swan: expecting the unexpected

    It happened ten years ago, but memories of Lehman Brothers’ collapse in September 2008 still strikes fear into the heart of corporate treasury. The paralysis in short-term liquidity markets and wider capital market dislocation made refinancing maturing corporate debt nigh on impossible. “Liquidity dried up across the whole financial market,” recalls Stephen Hogan, Vice President Regional Treasury Asia Pacific at Deutsche Post DHL Group, based in Singapore for the past 14 years.

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    US corporate funding: future shock

    It’s been a good year for most US corporates, as the economy continues to power ahead and they enjoy the largesse of the president’s corporate tax cuts. But there are red flags on the horizon.

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    Cash flow forecasting, a work in progress

    Fintech has brought efficiencies and cost savings across many treasury operations but many believe that cash flow forecasting has lagged in sharing the benefits. Is that situation about to change?

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    Bringing cash home

    US tax reform has prompted many companies to review their cash repatriation policies. But how and why does cash become ‘trapped’ in overseas markets, what are the benefits of bringing cash home – and when is it preferable to leave cash where it is?

  • Photo of Chris Emslie, Group Treasurer, General Mills

    What does General Mills new short-term investment strategy in Asia look like?

    Treasury Insights sits down with Group Treasurer, Chris Emslie to find out how General Mills navigates Asia’s complex short-term investment landscape.

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    Are we any closer to the death of cash?

    As the payment world becomes increasingly electronic, many might think that the long-heralded death of cash is almost here. However, data shows that in many markets the opposite is true and notes and coins are in fact making a comeback. Should treasury teams be preparing for a cashless world, or is physical cash here to stay – and if so, what can treasury teams do to manage it effectively? Treasury Today finds out.

  • Ingo Czok, CTO Cloud Payments at Hanse Orga Group

    Cloudbusting: the quest for clarity

    Cloud technology can offer treasurers speed, efficiency, security and, above all, clarity. Ingo Czok, CTO Cloud Payments at Hanse Orga Group, considers the facts not the fiction.

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    Liquidity management goes virtual

    Physical cash concentration and notional pooling are the traditional liquidity tools available for treasurers seeking to offset long and short balance positions. A new virtual account system aims to provide a third way.