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  • Industrial container cargo with group of lorries

    60 Second Interview: Eddie Mak, Group Treasurer, Kerry Logistics

    In this interview, Eddie Mak, Group Treasurer at Kerry Logistics talks about why he has decided to follow a career in corporate treasury and the challenges that he has faced in recent years.

  • Passenger jet air plane flying over clouds

    International experience wanted

    Multinational corporations are increasingly looking for senior finance professionals to have international experience on their CV. Is it therefore time to consider a move overseas?

  • Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2017 panellists

    The quest for inclusion

    Over the five years that the Treasury Today Group have been running our Women in Treasury initiative, it has been interesting to see how conversations around diversity have evolved. In a relatively short time, diversity has shifted from a fringe topic to one at the heart of corporate life.

  • Sonam Donkar, PepsiCo

    Corporate View: 
    Sonam Donkar, PepsiCo

    As the Treasury Head at one of the largest multinationals operating in India, Sonam Donkar has reached the zenith of the profession. The road has not always been straightforward, but what sets Donkar apart is her self-belief and her drive to further the profile of corporate treasury. Her ambition now is to share this passion and knowledge with those around her in order to further the development of the profession in India.

  • Kate Moorcroft, Group Treasurer, Barratt Developments

    Women in Treasury: 
    Kate Moorcroft, Barratt Developments

    In a relatively short time, Kate Moorcroft, Group Treasurer at Barratt Developments has risen to the top of the treasury profession. In this candid interview, she talks about her career path and how learning to have confidence in her own abilities has enabled her to push forward her career.

  • Hand walking on fingertips up wooden steps

    From treasurer to CFO

    Treasurers often aspire to move to a CFO role – but what obstacles should they be aware of and what steps can they take to improve their chances of success?

  • Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Johnson Controls

    Corporate View: 
    Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Johnson Controls

    When first offered a job in treasury, Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer at Johnson Controls, decided it wasn’t for him. Fifteen years later he is an integral part of one of the world’s top treasury teams with a wealth of treasury experience under his belt. Building on this success, Vandiepenbeeck has ambitions to develop in his role and beyond.

  • Sonam Donkar, Associate Director – Treasury Head, PepsiCo

    60 Second Interview: Sonam Donkar, Associate Director – Treasury Head, PepsiCo

    From humble beginnings, Sonam Donkar, Associate Director – Treasury Head at PepsiCo has scaled the heights of the corporate treasury profession. Here she outlines how she got there and how she hopes to bring on the next generation of treasury talent.

  • Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2017 panellists on stage

    Diversity in dialogue: next steps at the Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2017

    Treasury Today Asia’s latest Women in Treasury Forum in Singapore shone a spotlight on all the work that has been done to drive diversity for corporate finance professionals in the region. As our initiative broadens, practical advice on career development and on the direction the dialogue should take was at the centre of the debate.

  • Rush of people walking in Shanghai

    Have you considered working in China?

    The development of the corporate treasury profession in China means that there are now many opportunities for treasurers to work in the country. What is it like working in China though? Sebastian Rieder, Asia Treasury Manager at Grammer Interior (Shanghai) discusses his experience.