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  • Looking down the length of a THAI Airways jet from nose the front

    Transformational treasury at THAI Airways

    The THAI Airways treasury has worked to create a more efficient and streamlined function that is better placed to support the business’ expansion plans.

  • User using virtual technology

    Banking on user experience

    With more to do and with fewer resources available, treasury professionals increasingly lack the time and patience to deal with clunky and inefficient banking services and systems, and are calling for a better user experience. But are the banks listening and what comprises a ‘good’ user experience? Treasury Today finds out.

  • Janko Hahn, Head of Treasury Operations, Autoneum

    Corporate View: 
    Janko Hahn, Autoneum

    It has been a busy few years for Janko Hahn, Head of Treasury Operations at Autoneum. Since assuming control of the treasury operations function he has worked tirelessly to drive efficiency, keep the business abreast of changing regulations and stay ahead of the technology curve. Here, Hahn details how his cooperative and inclusive approach to treasury has enabled him to do this effectively and with great results.

  • Smartphone laptop and tablet interfaces

    Enhancing user experience

    Given that the vast majority of corporate to bank interaction is now conducted through digital channels, it is vital that these provide a good user experience. But do they?

  • Mark Evans, ANZ

    Banking on long-term relationships

    In what can only be described as a challenging time for the region’s banks, corporate treasurers are looking for banking partners that are committed to them and the region for the long term. In this interview, Mark Evans, Managing Director, Transaction Banking at ANZ, outlines how the bank intends to continue to forge deep and lasting relationships with its corporate and financial institution clients and leverage its unique strengths to ensure treasurers are able to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Person touching digital data network

    The bank branch reimagined

    Innovative solution reduces the need for treasurers in emerging markets to visit their local bank branch.

  • Victoria falls waterfall in a beautiful setting

    Sub-Saharan Africa: regional insight

    With increasing levels of investment in Sub-Sharan Africa, many treasurers here in Asia Pacific are now having to deal with the nuances and local market realities that are present in this part of world. Here, we take a detailed look at these are and what constitutes best practice in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Sticky notes with different emotions

    What do you want from PSD2?

    With the Payment Services Directive 2 on the horizon, what can corporate treasurers be doing to ensure the regulation works in their favour?

  • Row of butterfly cocoons and a newly hatched butterfly

    India’s digital revolution

    The impact of digitisation on the Indian economy and society has been profound. Now corporates are rapidly evolving to take full advantage of the opportunities this presents.

  • Adrian Walker, Lloyds Bank

    Bank Interview: 
    Adrian Walker, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking

    With the UK voting to leave the European Union (EU), it is highly uncertain what the UK’s future will look like outside the EU. This makes the UK’s decision to leave the EU something of a ‘leap in the dark’ for many companies. But there are steps businesses can take in the coming weeks and months to manage the uncertainty, tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that the UK’s decision to leave the EU presents. Lloyds Bank’s Adrian Walker, Head of Global Transaction Banking, tells us what a good post-outcome trade strategy might look like, and how the Bank plans to support its clients through these testing times.