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  • Beautiful sunset over the Victoria Bay in Hong Kong, view from the hills.

    APAC’s tax landscape is becoming increasingly complex

    A new study by Deloitte highlights that multiple forces are creating a myriad of challenges for multinationals operating across the region.

  • Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2017 panellists on stage

    Diversity in dialogue: next steps at the Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2017

    Treasury Today Asia’s latest Women in Treasury Forum in Singapore shone a spotlight on all the work that has been done to drive diversity for corporate finance professionals in the region. As our initiative broadens, practical advice on career development and on the direction the dialogue should take was at the centre of the debate.

  • Mark Evans, ANZ

    Banking on long-term relationships

    In what can only be described as a challenging time for the region’s banks, corporate treasurers are looking for banking partners that are committed to them and the region for the long term. In this interview, Mark Evans, Managing Director, Transaction Banking at ANZ, outlines how the bank intends to continue to forge deep and lasting relationships with its corporate and financial institution clients and leverage its unique strengths to ensure treasurers are able to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Wan Chun Shong, Tan Chong Group

    Corporate View: 
    Wan Chun Shong, Tan Chong Group

    Can a treasurer become a CEO? Wan Chun Shong, Treasurer at Tan Chong Group certainly believes so. In his view, corporate treasury professionals have the perfect balance of strategic insight and financial acumen that can allow them to rise to the very top of a company. In this profile, he outlines how he has worked to elevate the standing of the treasury function within his company and at the same time raise his hand as a business leader of the future.

  • Flags of Southeast Asia countries

    ASEAN in focus

    As we approach the one year anniversary of AEC integration what have been the most recent developments and what impact have these had on businesses operating across the region?

  • Adam Smith Awards Asia Top Treasury Team

    Setting the standard: Treasury Today Asia Adam Smith Awards

    Last week, over 220 corporate treasurers and their banking and technology partners gathered to celebrate their achievements at the third Treasury Today Asia Adam Smith Awards Gala Presentation Lunch.

  • Two people playing Jenga in a library

    Playing by the rules

    From tax rules to anti-money laundering (AML) obligations, managing regulation – and regulatory change – is a considerable challenge for corporate treasurers around the world. In Asia, the region’s disparate countries, currencies and regulatory authorities make these challenges even greater. Companies operating across the region may be exposed to hundreds or even thousands of regulatory changes each year, depending on their geographical footprint.

  • Row of butterfly cocoons and a newly hatched butterfly

    India’s digital revolution

    The impact of digitisation on the Indian economy and society has been profound. Now corporates are rapidly evolving to take full advantage of the opportunities this presents.

  • Adam Smith Awards Asia menus

    Adam Smith Awards Asia 2016: the results are in

    General Electric, Lenovo, Alibaba and Intel are just a few of the names recognised for their innovative solutions in this year’s Treasury Today Asia Adam Smith Awards.

  • Misty view of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong city

    Brexit: the Asian impact

    The impact of Brexit has been worldwide. Here we assess the impact on corporates in Asia and what it might mean for their operations as the dust settles.