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Adam Smith Awards

  • Jo Woods of Boston Consulting Group collecting the Award on behalf of Mark Salehar and David McGowan of BNP Paribas

    The Boston Consulting Group, Highly Commended, Middle East Regional Award for Best Practice

    The solution offered to The Boston Consulting Group in the Middle East has addressed the challenge to integrate daily management of all transactions and accounts, bringing innovation to all three levels of liquidity management.

  • Rashed Al Qubaisi of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company collecting the Award on behalf of Bernhard Solleder and Howard Gaunt and Mohamed Al Ali of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

    Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, Highly Commended, Middle East Regional Award for Best Practice

    The collaboration between this company and its bank in Abu Dhabi has resulted in one of the first custom-designed, automated payment processes in the region, leveraging industry best practices and applying them to address specific local financial requirements.

  • Michael D'Anna of Standard Chartered and Ciar Timon of Honeywell

    Honeywell, Winner, Middle East Regional Award for Best Practice

    Implementing a solution in a country like Iraq, which is still relatively politically and economically unstable, has comparatively high transaction costs, and is one of the most complicated countries in the region for routing LCs, is quite an achievement. Hear how Honeywell did it.

  • Karsten Kabas of Merz Pharma Group

    Merz Pharma Group, Highly Commended, One to Watch

    This successful approach shows how to strategically develop a treasury IT infrastructure without handling a dozen or more software systems or partners. It combines continuous innovation and process optimisation and automation while keeping IT complexity low.

  • Lucy O’Grady, Dawn Warmington and Rosa Legassick of Severn Trent Water collecting the Award on behalf of Stephen Baseby, with Martin Baker and Jamie Hills of Barclays

    Severn Trent Water, Highly Commended, One to Watch

    Severn Trent Water is using the Pingit smartphone app allowing it to make and receive payments from its customers. The corporate functionality provides customers with an easy and convenient way to pay their bills, as an alternative to paying by cash, cheque or bank transfer simply by using their mobile phone.

  • Jayna Bundy and Jamie Christel, Microsoft

    Microsoft, Winner, One to Watch

    The Microsoft treasury team utilises 1,300 bank accounts with 85 banks worldwide and makes over 12,000 treasury wire payments each year, totalling over $240 billion. Supporting such a high volume of wire payments through manual and paper wire requests was a cumbersome and inefficient process. Furthermore, it created delays during Sarbanes-Oxley audits when the team was asked to pull paper backup to ensure adequate support and authorisation for all of the transactions processed each year.

  • Françoise Neuville of BNP Paribas collecting the Award on behalf of Giuseppe Rossi-Espagnet

    Eli Lilly, Highly Commended, Best Process Re-engineering Solution

    Eli Lilly implemented a comprehensive and scalable strategy across 43 countries in EMEA, within a three-year timeframe. The company’s effort serves as an excellent success story and best practice for those interested in centralising and optimising general accounting, payment and collection activities in the fragmented and diverse European market.

  • Rachel Navarro, J.P. Morgan collecting the Award on behalf of Avis Budget Group

    Avis Budget Group, Highly Commended, Best Process Re-engineering Solution

    The enormous challenges of this initiative – re-engineering the company’s European treasury function to include an innovative POBO account structure, centralising payables to a SSC and upgrading the treasury workstation – were achieved in record time. A six-month end-to-end project to incorporate SEPA go-live for all euro entities by 1st February 2014, with a fully integrated solution has transformed the region into a fully centralised structure incorporating both the EMEA headquarters and SSC.

  • Beatrice G. Ransquin, Edward R. Barrie, and Byron R. Jackson of Itron Inc. and Mark Sutton of Citi

    Itron Inc., Winner, Best Process Re-engineering Solution

    This is a truly global multi-faceted project that has focused on delivering an architecture that simplifies, standardises and centralises all treasury processes across 130 countries, whilst ensuring a best-in-class automated straight-through reconciliation model and enhanced liquidity optimisation.

  • George Pittas of Ericsson collecting the Award on behalf of Ragnar Lodén and Mark Tweedie of Citi

    Ericsson, Highly Commended, Best in Class Benchmarking

    Benchmarking, including its bank’s Treasury Diagnostics module, a comprehensive analysis that evaluates treasury practices, has been an important tool in enabling Ericsson to achieve its objectives and realise the benefits of its treasury transformation programme. Following a series of benchmarking exercises, a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) were established.