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  • Group shot of Hyundai Capital America Treasury Team at the 2015 Adam Smith Awards

    The Golden Age of treasury?

    Now in their eighth year of marking the pinnacle of treasury endeavour, Treasury Today’s Adam Smith Awards bring together some of the world’s most inspirational treasury teams to celebrate all that is worthy about this profession. There is much to celebrate as creativity continues to flourish in an environment that has seen tighter regulation and financial uncertainty unsettle the markets.

  • Carole Berndt, ANZ

    Recognising the best in corporate treasury

    As our Adam Smith Awards Asia programme enters into its second year, Treasury Today Asia are delighted to announce our partnership with ANZ for this year’s awards. Our global events programme is reaching its next level and we are delighted to have ANZ’s support in 2015.

  • People clapping at the Adam Smith Awards

    Adam Smith Awards 2015: record number of nominations

    The judges for the 2015 Adam Smith Awards, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, have been facing their most challenging task yet, with many truly exceptional submissions to choose between. A record 210 nominations from 23 different countries were received.

  • Ying SiewSan, GE China and Suman Chaki of Deutsche Bank

    GE China, Highly Commended, Best Solution in China

    GE required a solution to streamline the sale of its accounts receivable (AR), which were due from a large pool of buyers/distributors in China – across different business units, with different terms of sale.

  • Jason Batman of Citi collecting the award on behalf of Amway (China)

    Amway (China), Highly Commended, Best Solution in China

    Amway (China) needed to upgrade its treasury operations and control mechanisms. Specifically, the company wanted to enhance operational efficiency with an innovative, automated, host-to-host collection/payment solution to support its e-commerce business model.

  • Loh WaiFong, TRW and Stefan Leijdekkers of Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    TRW, Highly Commended, Best Solution in China

    This is the latest in a series of innovative projects undertaken by TRW’s treasury team. The company has also been actively adopting other new products and schemes, such as mobilising cross border flows using RMB capital injection, shareholder loans and dividend payments.

  • Dundee Zhang and Yap Say Chung, Bunge and Pang May May of J.P. Morgan

    Bunge (Shanghai) Management, Winner, Best Solution in China

    Managing cash in China and repatriating trapped cash out of the country has been a long-standing dilemma for companies like Bunge because of regulatory restrictions. However, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) recently issued liberalised rules that enable companies to enhance their treasury management in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ).

  • Ashish Bhardwaj, Microsoft

    Microsoft, Highly Commended, One to Watch

    The Microsoft WOCS team have demonstrated best practice in managing the challenges that each country in Asia Pacific presents. Through developing a clear process and leveraging local and international knowledge the team has successfully billed in a number of local currencies, giving Microsoft more ability to win business locally.

  • Zhu Dongmei, CNPC Group and Jolene Liu of Citi

    CNPC Group, Winner, One to Watch

    In the design and development of the platform, the company consulted leading industry peers such as BP, Shell, Total and GE to learn about their experience and best practices in treasury management. The outcome of this learning is a highly original, customised framework that addresses the specific strategic and operational needs of CNPC.

  • Anton Abraham and Simon Dean, Noble Group and Rich Stephenson, J.P. Morgan

    Noble Group, Highly Commended, Best Process Re-engineering Solution

    Along with the need to improve its payments processes, Noble wanted to replace its existing US dollar banking services with a global cash solution from a single US dollar provider, so it could work with a primary provider across 36 countries.