• Grey tabby cat curled up asleep in a pile of autumn leaves

    Raking it in

    You no longer have to brace the cold in order to experience the beauty of autumn – colourful foliage can now be sent to you in the post.

  • www. metal letter stamps

    Internet giant’s domain accidently sold…for a minute

    When a bargain sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And one man learnt the hard way after buying the domain of one of the most powerful websites at a knock-down price – although he only owned it for one minute, he has quite the story.

  • Pile of gold bars

    Going for gold: record-breaking mobile transaction

    Whether it’s a payment method you frequently use or something you choose to avoid, mobile money is definitely a talking point of late. But one recent mobile transaction certainly stands out due to its value – both at the time of purchase and its increased worth today.

  • Happy gingerbread man sitting in hot drink

    Does your company need a Chief Happiness Officer?

    Whether you are at a work event or socialising with new friends, the topic of what you do for a living inevitably comes up in conversation. And, of course, it’s nice to be able to feel proud of your job title – but are some companies getting out of hand with their nomenclature?

  • Chameleon Camouflaging in tree

    Most unfortunate company name ever?

    When your company’s name is inadvertently coined as a popular term to refer to Greece’s economic woes and potential departure from the Eurozone, there really is only one option.

  • Stone henge

    Superhenge find is “archaeology on steroids”

    It’s not every day a wonder of the world is upstaged, but researchers say a stone monument recently discovered near Stonehenge is of such extraordinary scale its ancient neighbour looks diminutive by comparison.

  • Monkey playing with mobile phone

    What time does your website close?

    There is a common saying that the only stupid question is the one that is never asked. The thinking that it is better to look daft for a couple of minutes than to remain so for a lifetime is, in many cases, a valid observation on the quest for knowledge. But sometimes, questions really are just plain stupid.

  • Private jet plane flying away from city

    World’s longest birthday: plane stupid

    A typical birthday consists of celebration, perhaps some cake, and – if you’re lucky – some presents. But one individual was determined to prolong his birthday to a total of 46 hours, even if it was at the cost of celebrating with his friends.

  • Two parrots talking to each other

    Pardon? Parrot’s mimic gets him in trouble

    Parrots are renowned for being able to learn and repeat human speech – but, once words have been learnt, the birds can pick and choose when to reproduce language. For one unfortunate parrot, these outbursts have landed him in trouble.

  • Two knights sword fighting in combat

    Lawyer demands ‘trial by combat’

    A New York lawyer is attempting to revive the ancient common law tradition of ‘trial by combat’ to settle a civil suit in which he has been accused of helping a client fraudulently transfer assets. Coincidence or otherwise, the lawyer also happens to be a big fan of the hit TV-series Game of Thrones.