• What price Christmas dinner?

    What’s the price of a family Christmas meal? For one woman in the UK, the entrance fee for family and friends works out at £17 per head, excluding the lingering cost of a family feud and a brief social media storm.

  • Cup of coffee with coffee beans spilling out of bag

    Human brains have adapted to like coffee’s bitter flavour, says study

    Scientists in Australia believe genetic influences help explain why so many people love the bitter taste of beverages like coffee.

  • Group of dogs being taken for a walk

    The curious incident of the dog in the day time

    Dog lovers in the Chinese city of Wenshan in Yunnan province have been banned from walking their pets in daylight hours.

  • Very old dayak paintings in the Beloyot cave near Merabu village in North Kalimantan (Borneo)

    Borneo cave home to world’s oldest figurative painting

    More evidence has emerged that cave art did not all originate in Europe with the discovery of world’s earliest-known figurative painting in Borneo.

  • Comet in space

    Interstellar overdrive

    Astronomers believe a 400m long rock hurtling away from the Sun at 70,000 mph could be a ‘light sail’ – debris from an advanced spacecraft that was “on a reconnaissance mission”.

  • Bunch of fresh fruit scones on a plate

    Brexit not the only near 50/50 split in the UK

    Anyone from outside the UK may find the almost equal split down the middle caused by the Brexit vote was the only matter under discussion. Far from it.

  • House plans laid out with a stamp ontop ready to be approved

    A Familia problem?

    Even a world heritage site needs planning permission. Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia has fallen foul of the city’s planning drones. It must now pay €36m in building permit fees, some 130 years after the fact.

  • Two glasses of whisky by the barrel

    One for the road? No chance…

    The arbitrary nature of ‘value’ comes under scrutiny this week as a 60-year-old bottle of The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 whisky was put up for auction in Edinburgh. The expectation was that it would make between £700,000 and £900,000.

  • Child doing maths homework

    Help! My homework is killing me!

    If ever the work gets a little too intense, don’t take a leaf out of this young lad’s book.

  • Golden retriever with its head out the car window, enjoying the breeze

    Mayoral election winner is barking

    With some interesting voting going on in various jurisdictions around the world, perhaps it should come as no surprise that one town in the US has elected a dog as its mayor.