• Judges' gavel in front of the American flag

    Kentuckian Kavanagh pays the price for his name

    US Supreme Court judges have not historically been household names until the recent arrival on the scene of Brett Kavanaugh, the nominee confirmed recently, despite certain unsavoury allegations.

  • Two glasses of whisky by the barrel

    One for the road? No chance…

    The arbitrary nature of ‘value’ comes under scrutiny this week as a 60-year-old bottle of The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 whisky was put up for auction in Edinburgh. The expectation was that it would make between £700,000 and £900,000.

  • Child doing maths homework

    Help! My homework is killing me!

    If ever the work gets a little too intense, don’t take a leaf out of this young lad’s book.

  • Golden retriever with its head out the car window, enjoying the breeze

    Mayoral election winner is barking

    With some interesting voting going on in various jurisdictions around the world, perhaps it should come as no surprise that one town in the US has elected a dog as its mayor.

  • Coin collectors box with gloves, magnifying glass and a cup of coffee

    No (Solomon Islands) dollars… and no cents

    Think you deal with more currencies than anyone else? Think again.

  • Gold candles that display 80 lit

    80 is the new 20

    Age is no barrier to taking up a new interest. Ask Betty Goedhart who at 85 is the world’s oldest performing female flying trapeze artist.

  • Bunch of rupiah coins

    Dealing with the weight of debt, literally

    When a bill has to be settled does it matter how it is settled?

  • Parrot scratching head in confusion

    Giving investors the bird

    Forget AI and complex algorithms; all you need to make complex decisions is a parrot.

  • Slices of pizza hanging like garland flags

    Pizza: critical examination long overdue

    In a country with more than 75,000 pizzerias generating around US$45.1bn annually, where 13% of its citizens eat pizza on any given day, and 4% of its children eat it for breakfast, there seems cause to acknowledge the cultural impact of the baked yeasted flatbread food product. And what better way to do that than set up the US Pizza Museum.

  • Woman dressed in blue holding a glass of blue wine

    Sacré bleu!

    With the holiday season well under way, many who have already managed to spend some time in la belle France will no doubt have brought home a few bottles of their favourite red or white. For those who ventured to the southeast region of Occitanie, and the port city of Sète, did you remember the blue?