• Private jet plane flying away from city

    World’s longest birthday: plane stupid

    A typical birthday consists of celebration, perhaps some cake, and – if you’re lucky – some presents. But one individual was determined to prolong his birthday to a total of 46 hours, even if it was at the cost of celebrating with his friends.

  • Two parrots talking to each other

    Pardon? Parrot’s mimic gets him in trouble

    Parrots are renowned for being able to learn and repeat human speech – but, once words have been learnt, the birds can pick and choose when to reproduce language. For one unfortunate parrot, these outbursts have landed him in trouble.

  • Two knights sword fighting in combat

    Lawyer demands ‘trial by combat’

    A New York lawyer is attempting to revive the ancient common law tradition of ‘trial by combat’ to settle a civil suit in which he has been accused of helping a client fraudulently transfer assets. Coincidence or otherwise, the lawyer also happens to be a big fan of the hit TV-series Game of Thrones.

  • Policemen in high visibility jackets

    Police ignore burglaries at odd-numbered houses

    Pay attention all burglars operating in the UK county of Leicestershire: Police will ignore crimes committed in properties with odd numbers. It’s a top tip from the Boys in Blue for all those with a predilection for other peoples’ property, especially those with a tendency to leave forensic evidence whilst on a job.

  • Minions hunting banana

    Workers reveal ‘Despicable’ fantasy roles

    Ever spent time dreaming about your perfect career? Or wondered what role your colleagues would love to take on if they weren’t working with you? A new study from the UK provides some answers…which could raise a few eyebrows.

  • Car parking tickets on a cars windshield

    City of London adds to Greek woes…with over £1m in motoring fines

    It may well go straight to the bottom of a number of to do lists, but global economies now have another thing to worry about – motoring fines. The UK’s capital city claims it is owed £87.3m for unpaid congestion charges and parking fees incurred by foreign diplomats, with the Greek government one of the worst offenders.

  • Girls shoe stuck to the floor by chewing gum

    Thief experiences karma for 20 years

    One thief who had evidently had enough of being haunted by an earlier crime recently returned two stolen treasures that had apparently brought 20 years of bad luck. Interestingly, historians say it’s not the first time stolen items have been taken back amidst concerns they brought their (wrongful) owners years of misfortune.

  • Mountains of Fiji

    Japan’s bizarre new Wi-Fi hotspot: Mount Fuji

    Walking down a busy street often involves dodging individuals who are too pre-occupied with their smartphones. But, in the latest introduction of free Wi-Fi in Japan, users should take particular care when connected to the internet – hiking up a mountain is not the best time to be distracted.

  • Plate with knife and fork

    Good manners cost nothing – or do they?

    According to new research, there is such a thing as ‘too polite’. The British inclination for good manners and excessive politeness could be costing the country’s businesses millions – all in order to avoid causing offence.

  • Bookcase full of colourful books

    Big data the old way: Wikipedia hits the bookshelves

    Wikipedia, the online reference site, is written collaboratively by the people who use it. In fact, users are encouraged to contribute to and edit almost every page – and one person has decided that the best change he could make would be to turn the site’s 11.5 million entries into old-fashioned printed encyclopaedia volumes.