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treasurytoday January 2011 cover

January 2011

Publication date: Jan 2011

Offering a wealth of features designed to help you do your job more effectively, the website is a source of up-to-the-minute analysis of industry news, a fully searchable database of Treasury Today’s publications and an online community for corporate treasurers.

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treasurytoday Magazine November/December 2010 cover

November/December 2010

Publication date: Nov 2010

Don’t mention the crisis

Across the industry, people are resolutely talking about the crisis in the past tense. For some, it goes further: some bankers are beginning to show an increasing sense of discomfort with the very word ‘crisis’, arguing that it is time to focus on the future instead of the past.

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treasurytoday Magazine October 2010 cover

October 2010

Publication date: Oct 2010

Powers of observation

Archimedes may have been talking about the power of levers, but the idea that you need to be sure of your own position before you can achieve great things is an evocative one.

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treasurytoday Magazine September 2010 cover

September 2010

Publication date: Sep 2010

Onwards and upwards

This month, regular readers will notice a new look to Treasury Today. While keeping the accessible style we pride ourselves on, we hope that you will find our new design cleaner, crisper and easier to read.

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treasurytoday Magazine July/August 2010 cover

July/August 2010

Publication date: Jul 2010

How safe are Europe’s banks?

At the start of summer, the spread between what banks lend in euros at three months and overnight rates had risen considerably. Although nowhere near the levels of September 2008 when spreads hit 1.95%, the widening was a warning sign that all was not well in the banking sector. In response, the EU announced it would stress test and publish the results for around 100 European banks.

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treasurytoday Magazine June 2010 cover

June 2010

Publication date: Jun 2010

Time to prepare for possible rate hikes?

How can you sift through the confusion on the global outlook and be prepared for whatever the future may bring? There are always two schools of thought. Currently, pessimists believe the danger is very real, that the Eurozone is falling apart and the China bubble is about to burst.

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treasurytoday Magazine May 2010 cover

May 2010

Publication date: May 2010

A smouldering issue

The recent crisis of volcanic ash might not seem as much of an international financial disaster as the collapse of Lehman Brothers, but it should once again focus treasurers’ attention on potential risks and disruptions in the supply chain.

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treasurytoday Magazine April 2010 cover

April 2010

Publication date: Apr 2010

Beware country risk

Last month’s announcement of an EU support mechanism to bankroll the Greek government out of its mess should it need it, ought not obscure the big issues which face treasurers on what to do with their Greek exposures – whether you produce goods there, source them or sell them.

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treasurytoday Magazine March 2010 cover

March 2010

Publication date: Mar 2010

Something new to bank on?

The British comedy actor, Tony Hancock, observed half a century ago that blood banks were like any other sort of bank. “Bang it in when you’re flush, draw it out when you need it.” It’s as good enough a definition as any other. Banks are there for investing surplus funds and then to provide credit when their customers need it.

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treasurytoday Magazine February 2010 cover

February 2010

Publication date: Feb 2010

Politics and policy

It was certainly a disappointment to see US President Barack Obama recently announcing banking reforms on such an unprecedented scale without reference to the global community, and in particular the G-20. He wants to do two things: the first is to limit the size of banks to get rid of the ‘too big to fail’ dilemma which costs taxpayers money when banks are threatened or go under.

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