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treasurytoday September 2011 cover

September 2011

Publication date: Sep 2011

What exactly is a money market fund?

We return this month to the subject of money funds. The money fund industry is in turmoil as it deals with regulatory proposals. These proposals originated in the US, but they are being closely followed by European regulators, and they will dramatically change the financial dynamics of the money fund industry.

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treasurytoday July/August 2011 cover

July/August 2011

Publication date: Jul 2011

Unintended consequences

Regulation puts pressure on costs

There are strains appearing in the financial system that are not purely attributable to the financial crisis. The new rules and legislation being introduced by regulators and governments around the world are intended to tame the banking system and make the financial markets safer. But there are unintended consequences emerging that will have an impact on many corporates.

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treasurytoday June 2011 cover

June 2011

Publication date: Jun 2011

Please will you join in again?

This month sees us launch this year’s European Benchmarking Study. Many of you participated in this last year and we hope you found the results useful. You may have been able to attend one of the corporate presentations we have been making.

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treasurytoday May 2011 cover

May 2011

Publication date: May 2011

What else can we do for you?

Over the last few months we have introduced the new website aimed at serving the treasury community. This provides access to our invaluable ‘back catalogue’ as well as treasury discussion forums, answers to technical questions and much, much more.

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treasurytoday April 2011 cover

April 2011

Publication date: Apr 2011

We are delighted to see the discussion forums are gathering momentum. The idea behind this area of the site is to provide a forum where questions can be asked and comments made. We all know that we can learn a lot from the experience of others.

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treasurytoday March 2011 cover

March 2011

Publication date: Mar 2011

Treasury Insights – update

Treasury Insights, our new weekly analysis of issues affecting treasury, was launched successfully last month and is already being emailed to a large number of our readers. If you would like be added to the circulation list please register your interest at or email

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treasurytoday February 2011 cover

February 2011

Publication date: Feb 2011

A clear voice in a noisy world

Announcing the launch of Treasury Insights

In a recent Treasury Today article, Jean-Marc Servat, Director of Treasury EMEA Asia Pacific at Cisco Systems commented,

“In the field of treasury, speed and reactions are increasingly important – treasurers need to know exposures, they need to have good online communications. But to do that, we need to clear out the white noise. It is about the quality of information we receive, not the quantity.”

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treasurytoday January 2011 cover

January 2011

Publication date: Jan 2011

Offering a wealth of features designed to help you do your job more effectively, the website is a source of up-to-the-minute analysis of industry news, a fully searchable database of Treasury Today’s publications and an online community for corporate treasurers.

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treasurytoday Magazine November/December 2010 cover

November/December 2010

Publication date: Nov 2010

Don’t mention the crisis

Across the industry, people are resolutely talking about the crisis in the past tense. For some, it goes further: some bankers are beginning to show an increasing sense of discomfort with the very word ‘crisis’, arguing that it is time to focus on the future instead of the past.

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treasurytoday Magazine October 2010 cover

October 2010

Publication date: Oct 2010

Powers of observation

Archimedes may have been talking about the power of levers, but the idea that you need to be sure of your own position before you can achieve great things is an evocative one.

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