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September 2010

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Onwards and upwards

The new website is the perfect interactive companion to Treasury Today magazine.

This month, regular readers will notice a new look to Treasury Today. While keeping the accessible style we pride ourselves on, we hope that you will find our new design cleaner, crisper and easier to read.

Within our new design, we will continue to bring you well-researched, objective articles on topics that matter to corporate treasurers, CFOs and FDs. We will continue to publish core articles in the areas we have traditionally focused on, such as Cash Management, Treasury Practice, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Technology, although we will not necessarily include articles on all of these topics every month.

In a new section we will be publishing Insight & Analysis articles, in which we talk to the experts about a range of topics – current, compelling or contentious – digest their views and present them to you with a healthy serving of our own opinion and analysis.

Under the heading of Treasury Essentials, you will find old favourites such as Calculator Corner, Finance A-Z and Question Answered together with Back to Basics. This is a new series of articles which will walk readers through the fundamentals of core treasury concepts, from first principles to contemporary examples, together with notes about the limitations and any words of advice.

As always, we greatly value your feedback. So, if you have any comments on the new design or suggestions of subjects you would like to see us covering, please send them to

Digital revolution…

We are also delighted to announce the October launch of our next-generation website,, which will be previewed at the EuroFinance conference in Geneva. Acting as an online community for treasury professionals as well as a trusted resource for your treasury team, the new website is the perfect interactive companion to Treasury Today magazine. We have built the site specifically for the corporate treasury and finance community. has a wealth of features that are designed to save you time and help you do your job more effectively:

  • Breaking news is always difficult to cover in a timely fashion in a monthly journal so we will report and analyse the news online a it unfolds, helping treasurers to respond to breaking stories. So if you want no more surprises and to be on top of events, take a look.

  • Our new weekly email service will bring this analysis to your inbox. In an age of information overload, we will separate out the stories that really matter to treasury and we will explain why they matter in this weekly ‘insight and analysis e-briefing’.

  • The TT Dashboard is another new feature of the site that will help members to manage their research and reading, providing the functionality to custom build your own Treasury Today magazine for print or download.

  • Or you may want to conduct research for a project you are undertaking, accessing past articles and handbooks. All our past publications will be available on the new website, together with a developing base of web-exclusive content. To help you collate your research you can create project folders online to save this.

  • Using a profile name you choose, you will be able to ask questions, share experiences and have candid discussions with your treasury peers in our forum, or message them privately for specific advice. We will also find industry experts or other finance professionals to answer any questions that are posed from corporates.

We hope that the site becomes a great resource for you going forward and would welcome your comments and suggestions as to how we can do more to help you – please send them to