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March 2007

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So how are we doing?

Two months ago we asked for feedback on what you thought of Treasury Today and how we are doing. We promised to let you know what we have been told.

But, first of all, a big thank you to all the readers who took time to send in their comments and observations on Treasury Today and our publications. It was good to hear from you. Publishing is a business in which you get little direct feedback – unless you get something wrong. So, it was good to hear what you thought. Your comments were many and various.

The suggestions on content were particularly useful. Although we hear a lot from banks and other suppliers who are always suggesting content to us, we get less feedback from treasurers and other finance professionals. Your suggestions have been noted and you will see us covering a number of new topics and spending more time on some old ones in the months ahead.

Where can we get reliable information?

The single most important theme that emerged was the desire to find reliable sources of information. With so many areas of responsibility in treasury, there is a need for reliable information on a lot of topics. Several readers pointed out that although we live in an information age – it is an age of unreliable information.

This is, of course, the rationale for Treasury Today. We aim to provide reliable, well-researched information. But we need to do more. So, from next month, we are going to start trying to tap the collective knowledge of our readership. In other words, ask you for your input on a question we have received.

We will not disclose the identity of the reader asking the question, nor the identity of those providing the answers, unless we are specifically told we can. We will, however, ensure the integrity of those providing the answers and asking the questions.

…and from whom?

It is the source of information that provides a clue as to the reliability of the information. Luckily, our large readership has a wealth of experience and knowledge on many subjects, including treasury. And, with your help, we can share that knowledge and all make better decisions as a result.

Tapping the collective knowledge of many

In next month’s treasurytoday, we will pose the first of the questions we have received and the following month, we will report on the answers, comments and suggestions we receive.

So please let us have your questions and – just as importantly – your comments and answers. Please send them to