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May 2001

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In the course of any one year the Treasury Today team attend various conferences where we get the opportunity to meet many of our subscribers and to see and hear many presentations. Over time trends emerge…

One very clear trend is the practical application of web technology to the process of treasury management. Nothing new there you may say. Well, our impression is that it is only now that really useful applications (and not just vapourware) are beginning to appear. Before now, it has only been the pioneers – those few leading the way – that have been achieving very much.

Here are two examples. In our forthcoming report on Treasury Systems – Treasury Systems Today – we will be looking at the application of web technology and how this is facilitating remote access to systems. This report will be printed and sent to subscribers later this month. Another example is the emergence of online FX trading systems. We are currently researching the systems that are becoming available and will be reporting on this in due course. In the meantime I would welcome comment from any reader on either of these issues or indeed any other topics.

Another subject much talked about at these conferences, but where there is a lot more talk than action, is outsourcing. Presentation after presentation talks about this concept but our perception is that much of this talk is supplier sponsored material. When asked many of the corporate presenters talk about examining the concept (how could one say otherwise!) but – surprise, surprise – not finding it to be of value in their companies.

But there will be more action over time. This debate is not going to go away and web technology is going to mean that we will see a lot of providers trying to persuade companies that this or that aspect of their business should be outsourced. This will apply to the treasury and finance function as much as any other. We will be watching and reporting on this but do please let me have your comments and views.

Richard Parkinson