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February 2001

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Money Market Fund Rates

We are experiencing a lot of interest from our readers in money funds so this month we are starting to publish selected money fund rates on the inside back page of the hard copy of the newsletter. The data comes from iMoneyNet who are a leading source of such information. The funds listed are all European funds aimed at the corporate investor.

Like the FX rates last month the information is also available on the website where it is updated weekly.

Institutional Money Market Funds 2001

If you want to know more about these funds make sure you read “Institutional Money Market Funds 2001”, a report that Treasury Today wrote last year on these instruments. If you are a subscriber and missed the report please let us know and we will send you another copy. The report is also available separately. For more information or to request a copy please contact Mark Johnson whose contact details appear below. There will be a new version of this report available a little later this year that will be sent to all subscribers.

In the newsletter

In the newsletter this month we continue our popular series on risk management with a look at modified duration. This is a series we started in response to subscriber requests so please tell me if there are other topics that you would like to see covered in the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and as always your comments and suggestions will be welcomed.

Richard Parkinson
Managing Director