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Best Practice Handbooks

Cover of treasurytoday Handbook: Money Market Funds 2012

Corporate and Institutional Money Market Funds in Europe

Publication date: Sep 2012

This Best Practice Handbook is designed to bring investors fully up-to-date with money market funds – both in terms of the market for the product and the market environment in which the product is operating. It is essential reading for anyone investing in these funds, which are facing many challenges.

This Handbook also provides a useful brief on the practicalities of using money funds and highlights the efficiencies that they should continue to offer in the daily management of corporate liquidity.

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European Cash Management 2012

European Cash Management 2012

Publication date: Aug 2012

“The risks surrounding the economic outlook for the euro area continue to be on the downside,” says the August 2012 bulletin from The European Central Bank (ECB). “They relate, in particular, to the tensions in several euro area financial markets and their potential spill-over to the euro area real economy. Downside risks also relate to possible renewed increases in energy prices over the medium term.” As if this weren’t enough to contend with, the ECB has also cut its 2013 growth forecast for the single currency area from 1% to 0.6%.

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Eurozone Crisis: A Treasurer’s Survival Guide cover

A complimentary special report on the Eurozone crisis

Publication date: Dec 2011

In 2008, the outlook was certainly bleak. In 2011, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Governments were at least able to step in and rescue their country’s banks in the wake of the Lehman collapse. Today, it is both Eurozone banks and governments that need support and there is a distinct lack of co-ordinated effort in doing so.

So where does this leave the treasurer? In this unsponsored special supplement, we tackle the core challenges that the Eurozone crisis presents: will Eurozone leaders make an unprecedented leap towards fiscal union or will the single currency begin to fragment? Moreover, what safety measures should treasurers pursue to avoid the brunt of any fallout?

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Cover for Cash Management in the Nordic and Baltic Regions Handbook

Cash Management in the Nordic and Baltic Regions

Publication date: Sep 2011

This revamped Handbook is designed to provide corporate treasurers with a detailed insight into the cash management issues that companies face when operating in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

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Cover of treasurytoday Handbook: Managing the Financial Supply Chain

Managing the Financial Supply Chain

Publication date: Sep 2010

As a direct result of the financial crisis, working capital management and supply chain improvement have become top treasury priorities. While corporates look for efficiency gains to free up working capital, FSCM is helping companies to achieve value throughout their supply chains.

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Cover of treasurytoday Handbook: Cash Management in Cnetral Europe

Cash Management in Central Europe

Publication date: Oct 2008

This handbook is a comprehensive update of our 2006 report providing current information on issues affecting the nations and the Central European region as a whole. In this handbook we look at the individual countries and the region as a whole, considering the banking and payments landscape and the cash management options open to corporates.

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Cover of treasurytoday Handbook: A Guide to SEPA Payment Instruments

A Guide to SEPA Payment Instruments

Publication date: Jun 2008

Launched in January 2008, SEPA heralds an ambitious migration to new euro-wide payment instruments and infrastructures. The gradual roll-out of the SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme and the SEPA Cards Framework and the scheduled launch of the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme by November 2009, bring the European Commission’s vision for the single market several steps closer to realisation.

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