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Since the start of the China Corporate Treasury Benchmarking Programme in association with Bank of America Merrill Lynch we have attracted over 500 corporate respondents from a diverse universe in terms of geography, industry sector and size. The level of seniority of the respondents to the studies is impressive: the majority were Group Treasurers, Regional Treasurers and others including CFOs and FDs. The key findings are published as a standalone Report each year.  

Whilst last year put another year of distance between treasurers and the effects of the global financial crisis, there have been additional challenges and hurdles to overcome. The results of the 2011 Study were particularly pertinent because it was conducted during a period of continued regulatory change in the country. Renminbi (RMB) de-regulation continued apace and the internationalisation of the yuan brings with it the need to understand a new and complex currency market as well as the exciting opportunities this provides. 

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