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    Factor investing: rising above cap-weighted benchmarks (part one)

    Factor investing offers scope for more precise portfolio construction. In low return environments, are they a more effective means with which to assess market risk and enhance returns? In part one we look at what it is and why it might be used.

  • Woman using spreadsheets on laptop

    Don’t let spreadsheets kill your business

    Spreadsheets are the lifeblood of most financial professionals. But if you don’t know how well they are being controlled, they could be killing your business.

  • Business person fallen asleep at desk during work hours

    Desk-snoozers beware

    Given the current heatwave covering much of the planet, an idea developed in Japan to stop office workers snoozing at their desks may provide welcome relief.

  • Photo of Harveen Nandra, daughter of Nirpal Bharaj, Jaswinder Bharaj, wife of Nirpal Bharaj, Nicholas Stoffell, Inchcape Shipping Services, Ivo Vesselinov and Thomas Leitch, TreasuryXpress

    Best Cash Management Solution Winner: Inchcape Shipping Services

    ISS’s new systems infrastructure is provided by TreasuryXpress. They needed a solution that would support a new centralised treasury organisation, supplemented by a payment factory and central hub for connectivity with their banks, supported by an in-house bank. Once all stages of the project are complete, they will have completely eliminated the manual elements of their treasury processes.

  • Photo of Sharon Fang and Dennis Crispin, Microsoft

    Judges’ Choice Winner: Microsoft Financing Assistant Bot

    Microsoft’s treasury team has built a robot, named Leonard, that has enabled it to optimise resources by dealing with stakeholder questions. By using AI, Leonard is constantly learning and will increasingly add value to Microsoft making it an indispensable member of the treasury team.

  • Photo of Amanda Schreiber, ICU Medical and Meg Coates

    Woman of the Year 2018 Highly Commended: Amanda Schreiber

    In one of the most impressive and fast upward career trajectories imaginable, Amanda Schreiber has achieved great things in very little time! She is fearless in her pursuit of excellence, understanding that if you fear failure, you won’t succeed.

  • Photo of Elena P. LaFrance, Alkermes and Meg Coates

    Treasury Today’s Woman of the Year 2018 Winner: Elena P. LaFrance

    Elena P. LaFrance has a unique ability to combine excellence in treasury with exceptional leadership, coupled with her personal drive and tireless work to offer opportunities to others. She is a true example of a business leader who has gone way above and beyond in order to drive forward business but also to pave the way for the next generation.

  • Photo of Shane Kirby, Ball Corporation, Serina Hourican, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Claude Tadros, Ball Corporation

    Treasury Today’s Top Treasury Team 2018 Highly Commended: Ball Corporation

    Combining two treasuries, upgrading technologies, consolidating banks: here’s how one team has tackled the lot in one go. It has created a remarkable modern treasury for its effort.

  • Photo of Suzanne Janse Van Rensburg, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Michael Brown and Declan Murtagh, Digital Realty Trust and Petra Lahtinen-Kalsi, Citi

    Treasury Today’s Top Treasury Team 2018 Winner: Digital Realty Trust

    Multiple challenges met by multiple projects delivering fantastic results: it’s all possible if the team pulls together.

  • Press release: HSBC Global Asset Management launches US treasury money market fund

    25th July 2018 – HSBC Global Asset Management has launched a US Treasury Money Market Fund, the HSBC GLF US Treasury Fund, in response to demand from investors for a broader range of cash investment solutions. The fund is a new sub-fund of HSBC Global Liquidity Funds plc, an Ireland-domiciled fund company with US$40 billion of short-term money market fund strategies. The new fund will meet the new European regulations for Public Debt Money Market Funds as they are introduced, and will continue to operate with a Constant Net Asset Value.