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  • Camilla McKane, J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Alex Fiott, AstraZeneca

    Best Short-Term Investing Solution Winner: AstraZeneca

    This solution was driven by a review of the company’s investment policy based on three key factors: first, the rapidly changing regulatory environment for banks; second, the higher liquidity premium under Basel III; and third, the prospect of upcoming reform in the European MMF sector.

  • Sheri Mossbeck, Leggett & Platt and Tom Murphy, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    Best Liquidity Management Solution Highly Commended: Leggett & Platt Incorporated

    The company now runs a multi-currency notional pool (MCNP) through its Luxembourg treasury entity, which includes Chinese renminbi, US dollars, sterling and euro. Beneath this, the company has established three single currency pools which then interface with in-country local accounts which contribute their funds to the notional structure through physical sweeps.

  • Stan Blykers and Koji Minami, Toyota Motor Europe and Yuki Ohashi, Citi

    Best Liquidity Management Solution Highly Commended: Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA

    This solution combines a full payments and collections platform for RUB transactions, a fully automated domestic physical pool to consolidate all positions in a single hub, a true end-of-day automated sweep for the excess operational cash and an offshore interest-bearing RUB account to centralise the net position of all daily activity.

  • Sadachika Yoshioka, J.P. Morgan and Brenton Green, Mark Baker and Hirotoshi Yoshida, NTT DATA EMEA Ltd

    Best Liquidity Management Solution Winner: NTT DATA EMEA Ltd

    J.P. Morgan provided a global, scalable liquidity infrastructure needed to help NTT DATA EMEA concentrate its cash and facilitate FX, investment and internal financing efficiently. It also offered cutting-edge back-end technology to automate new processes. An important component of the solution is the bank’s multi-currency notional pooling structure. NTT DATA EMEA was able to reduce high interest bearing debt by 47% through this solution.

  • Arn Knol, Zanders, Philip Stewart, British American Tobacco and Paul Greenhalgh, Deutsche Bank

    Best Cash Management Solution Highly Commended: British American Tobacco

    British American Tobacco partnered with Deutsche Bank and Zanders to undertake a global treasury centralisation and bank integration project to achieve centralised liquidity, payables and receivables. Critical to the success were the use of POBO and COBO techniques and the bank’s virtual account and virtual IBAN solutions with a central treasury vehicle acting as agent.

  • Fabio Monico, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Maria Isabel Loria, José Cuervo

    Best Cash Management Solution Highly Commended: Casa Cuervo

    Casa Cuervo not only integrated two businesses separated by over 5,000 miles with different systems and languages, but also revolutionised its treasury operation into a truly global one. It has successfully undergone a treasury transformation that today makes it one of the most important in Mexico and, indeed, globally.

  • Lynda Johnson, Tricia Norberg and Rachel Zdyrko, Harley-Davidson, Inc. and Steve Hall, J.P. Morgan

    Best Cash Management Solution Winner: Harley-Davidson, Inc.

    The decision to change transaction banking partners presented Harley-Davidson with an unprecedented opportunity to address all of the associated challenges and boldly put in place a best in class treasury function. While short-term benefits will be largely seen in APAC, the framework is fully scalable providing a template for Harley-Davidson to extend into EMEA and the Americas when the timing is right. This incredibly complex and geographically ambitious operation was completed within a very short timeframe.

  • Jayna Bundy and José Luis Martí, Microsoft

    Judges’ Choice Winner: Microsoft

    This entry was submitted in our ‘One to Watch’ category and our judges decided it is our Judges’ Choice this year. This solution uses a ‘chatbot’ so Microsoft’s Worldwide Credit Services team now allows sales and operations users to automatically check the credit status of a customer’s account before placing orders, and to track status of orders until they are collected.

  • Christy Barwick, Intellectual Ventures and Meg Coates

    Woman of the Year Highly Commended: Christy Barwick

    Christy Barwick, Senior Director, Treasurer at Intellectual Ventures has blazed a path for women in her profession. Over 20 years she has worked in treasury for top multinational companies across multiple industries, a testament to her drive and ambition. On top of this incredible focus on her career, Christy has been able to forge a truly fulfilling life outside of the office, actively engaging in her community and offering assistance to individuals and organisations in need.

  • Janet M Gibbons, PepsiCo

    Woman of the Year 2017 Winner: Janet M Gibbons

    This year’s Treasury Today Woman of the Year is Janet M Gibbons, Senior Director, International Treasury – Asia, Middle East and North America at PepsiCo. With a standout CV and a career in treasury spanning over 25 years, Janet is at the very top of the treasury profession.