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    SSCs: operational or value adding?

    The shared service centre is evolving to become a value-adding utility for the business. What does this mean for treasury?

  • Robin Gregson, CFO, Lookers plc

    Corporate View: 
    Robin Gregson, Lookers plc

    Robin Gregson is CFO for major UK motor group, Lookers plc. With a penchant for numbers and a passion for cars, he is ideally placed to take the business to the next stage. But is the time right for growth?

  • Sebastian Niemeyer, Head of BELLIN GTB Services, BELLIN

    Building a virtual network

    As companies work to grow their businesses, many turn their attention to opportunities overseas. However, international expansion is not without its challenges – particularly where corporate treasury is concerned. While companies need to put appropriate banking structures in place in order to operate in new markets, the company’s existing banks will not necessarily operate in the required countries. Even if current banks do provide coverage, it may be necessary for the company to set up relationships with local banks in order to access key services.

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    The rise and rise of blockchain

    Blockchain has become the buzzword in finance. Why has it captured so much attention, what is being done with the technology today and where is it going in the future?

  • Kevin Grant, Chief International Officer, Hanse Orga Group

    Why treasury needs robotic process automation

    In a turbulent world where change is the only certainty, the technological advancement that is robotic process automation can carve out some distinct advantages for treasurers. Kevin Grant, Chief International Officer, Hanse Orga Group, explains.

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    A quick journey around SWIFT

    Few in treasury have not heard of SWIFT. It’s a complex beast that some say is run by banks for banks. We go back to basics, picking out the key elements and trying to unravel the mysteries of this global infrastructure.

  • Tony McLaughlin, Managing Director, Emerging Payments and Business Development, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi

    Your guide to the real-time payments revolution

    The biggest trend in financial services right now is not fintech nor the blockchain; it is the move from batch to real-time. This is the view of Tony McLaughlin, Managing Director, Emerging Payments and Business Development, Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi. In this article, he charts a course for the payments industry, providing some action points for treasurers.

  • Rife uncertainty on the global chessboard

    Almost a decade ago, the political scientist Joseph Nye thought of the global balance of power and the changing game of international relations as a 3D chessboard. His underlying idea was that international power is shared between three imaginary ‘chessboards’ in an era of globalisation. The upper chessboard is set aside for military might. The US has been calling the shots in this respect over a considerable period. The middle chessboard is all about the economy. Here, several great powers are the important players at present. The third board is hardest to define. Power at this level is generated across borders and revolves around issues that are not directly connected to governments; ‘fuzzy power’.

  • IACT: 30 years on and still driving the treasury profession forward

    In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the IACT, Treasury Today catches up with its current President and two former presidents to reflect on the Association’s role in promoting the treasury profession in Ireland.

  • BEPS

    This issue’s question

    “How should corporate treasurers in Asia be responding to BEPS?”