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  • Press release: Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions announces new leadership for North America Commercial Cards and Trade

    8th May 2018 – Citi TTS has made two key appointments for its North America business: Sébastien Delasnerie will head up Commercial Cards, and James Fraser will head up Trade. Both businesses are strategic offerings within the TTS suite of treasury solutions. In these roles, Sébastien and James will report to Mike Fossaceca, North America Head of Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions, Gonca Latif-Schmitt, Citi’s Global Head of Commercial Cards, and John Ahearn, Citi’s Global Head of Trade, respectively.

  • Press release: HSBC launches facial-recognition banking for corporate customers

    9th May 2018 – HSBC Holdings PLC has become one of the first banks in the world to let corporate customers access mobile banking using facial-recognition technology, speeding up the log-in process and increasing account security.

  • Adam Smith Awards Asia crystal awards laid out

    Realise your potential

    Nominations open June 11th

    Now is your chance to become an Adam Smith Award Asia winner! This golden opportunity to make your mark in the industry comes round just once a year, so submit your nomination now. The Adam Smith Awards Asia recognise the very best and brightest in the industry, so whether you are a major multinational or a small independent company, tell us your success story and you could be joining us at the Gala Presentation Lunch in November to collect your award!

  • Use of spreadsheets in corporate treasury

    This issue’s question

    “Can corporate treasury live without Excel spreadsheets?”

  • Stock market trading graph

    Understanding the short-term investment landscape

    Regulatory changes such as Basel III have affected the way that banks view operational and non-operational deposits, while low interest rates and the rise of money market funds are also impacting treasurers’ short-term investment decisions. What are treasurers looking for in the current market – and how important is it to review existing policies?

  • Navigating Asia’s regulatory landscape for efficiency and growth

    Shape the debate

    This is the first in a series of three articles produced by Treasury Today Asia and Citi, giving you the chance to have your say on some of the key issues in corporate treasury today. In this article, Sandip Patil outlines his views on the Asia regulatory landscape. We invite you to answer three polling questions based on your view of the content. We will analyse and publish the results in an upcoming edition of our Treasury Insights newsletter, kickstarting industry debate.

  • Scott Engle, Group Treasurer, AIA

    Corporate View: 
    Scott Engle, AIA

    Scott Engle, Group Treasurer at AIA is keen to ensure that his treasury team is well positioned to safeguard and drive the success of the organisation. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his career and the work he has done to make AIA an award-winning treasury.

  • Coastal view of Cape Town, Africa

    Keeping an open mind: successful treasury operations in Africa

    It’s a long game for Asian corporates moving into Africa; is it worth it? Treasury Today Asia hears some real insights and country-specific textures from treasurers already operating in the region.

  • Big Data, machine learning, and the challenge of scale

    After decades in the doldrums, AI has graduated from Hollywood to the headlines. It has even entered our daily lives and may be poised to threaten our jobs. But before we get too excited about early retirement, it is probably worth looking in more detail at the substance and the hype.

  • Single dollar bill crumpled

    Are we any closer to the death of cash?

    As the payment world becomes increasingly electronic, many might think that the long-heralded death of cash is almost here. However, data shows that in many markets the opposite is true and notes and coins are in fact making a comeback. Should treasury teams be preparing for a cashless world, or is physical cash here to stay – and if so, what can treasury teams do to manage it effectively? Treasury Today finds out.