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  • J.P. Morgan branded circle

    Instituting a cash investment policy statement

    A cash investment policy statement, or cash IPS, is an important tool when it comes to articulating the company’s investment goals, optimising cash and promoting accountability. But an IPS is not set in stone – and in current market conditions it’s particularly critical to make sure the statement is fully up-to-date, whether that means reviewing the existing IPS or building an IPS for the first time.

  • Ernesto Pittaluga, Citi

    Are you future ready?

    With digitisation and ecommerce having a major impact on companies’ supply chains and relationships – especially in Asia Pacific – businesses are increasingly stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing new business models. Which challenges lie ahead, and what should treasurers be doing to build a roadmap through this changing landscape?

  • Close up of Chinese Yuan bank note

    Will the ‘People’s Currency’ become the world’s currency?

    China is determined to internationalise the renminbi – a course of action which could challenge the US dollar’s long-held dominance as the world’s reserve currency. What progress has China made? Will it achieve its ambitions? And what do treasurers need to know about using the currency? Treasury Today Asia investigates.

  • Bikash Mukherjee, Amway India

    Corporate View: 
    Bikash Mukherjee, Amway India

    Bikash Mukherjee, AVP – Head of Treasury at Amway India, strives to be ahead of the game and his storied career is punctuated with innovation after innovation. Here he reveals the secret of his success and what is next on the agenda.

  • Artificial person made out of data

    AI will not take your job

    Depending on what report you read, we are either all about to be usurped by robot overlords or enjoy far greater productivity and job satisfaction with technology’s help. Although not yet mainstream in treasury or corporate banking, what should we make of the threat/opportunity that is artificial intelligence?

  • Yeng Butler, State Street Global Advisors

    Women in Treasury: 
    Yeng Butler, State Street Global Advisors

    Yeng Butler, Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Cash Business at State Street Global Advisors, believes in the power of self-reflection. She spends time considering not just her successes, but also her failures. The objective of this is to drive continuous self-development to ensure she can meet her next career aim. Yeng summarises this with a simple, yet powerful motto: “Pause, reflect and onwards and upwards.”

  • Stack of coins in soil with small plant growing out of the top

    Five investment options for your short-term cash

    With the short-term investment landscape in a period of flux, many treasurers are reviewing how they invest their company’s cash. Treasury Today investigates some of the trending options available to corporates.

  • Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    When is a money market fund not a money market fund?

    The answer to the headline question is no laughing matter for today’s short-term investor. New money market fund regulations are muddying the waters when it comes to discovering what ‘money market fund’ really means. Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen, Head of Product Development, International, Global Liquidity, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, casts a welcome light on the shifting short-term landscape.

  • Adam Richford, Renewi plc

    Corporate View: 
    Adam Richford, Renewi plc

    Driven by an interest in corporate transformations, Adam Richford, Group Treasurer, Renewi plc, is now changing the treasury of a company operating at the heart of the ‘circular’ economy. Starting the financial year with ten key treasury projects, progress for him remains a motivating force.

  • Mickey Vonckx, Serrala

    Outsourcing with wings

    “When Serrala created its Managed Services group in early 2018, its aim was to deliver a suite of modular services capable of improving the clients’ operations and reducing their costs,” says Mickey Vonckx, the group’s VP. Can that really work for specialised treasury functions?