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    Getting to grips with exchange traded funds

    In light of the challenges they face in today’s liquidity environment, some treasurers are looking at the benefits of using exchange traded funds (ETFs) as a means of managing their strategic cash, as well as for liquidity and hedging purposes. What are the advantages of ETFs, and what considerations should treasurers bear in mind when using them?

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    Live on-screen cash positions and ultimate real-time control for treasurers

    Today, treasury teams want real time information about their cash positions at their fingertips. BNP Paribas’ new liquidity management module does exactly this, providing live on-screen consolidated cash positions from international subsidiaries and other entities in the kind of detail never before possible.

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    From treasurer to CFO

    Treasurers often aspire to move to a CFO role – but what obstacles should they be aware of and what steps can they take to improve their chances of success?

  • Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Johnson Controls

    Corporate View: 
    Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Johnson Controls

    When first offered a job in treasury, Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer at Johnson Controls, decided it wasn’t for him. Fifteen years later he is an integral part of one of the world’s top treasury teams with a wealth of treasury experience under his belt. Building on this success, Vandiepenbeeck has ambitions to develop in his role and beyond.

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    How to navigate emerging markets

    From moving capital and managing foreign exchange to building partnerships with local banks, how should treasurers navigate emerging market risk and regulation?

  • Ebru Pakcan, Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS), EMEA, Citi

    Exciting times ahead

    In November 2016, Ebru Pakcan was appointed as Citi’s Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) for the EMEA region. Based in London, Pakcan is responsible for leading and developing the EMEA TTS franchise and driving business throughout the region. Here she shares her experiences of her first few months in the role and outlines how Citi aims to build on its success in the region.

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    Gaining a full view of risk

    It has never been more important for treasurers to have a full view of risk across the business. But how can treasurers achieve this, and how can technology help them manage their risks more effectively?

  • Edmund Lowell, CEO & Founder, KYC-Chain

    21ˢᵗ century KYC

    Using blockchain and private wallets, KYC-Chain believes it has developed the solution that will finally drag the antiquated process of KYC into the 21st century. Here, Edmund Lowell, Founder and CEO explains how.

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    Best in class payments and collections

    Many treasury departments already benefit from payment and receivables on behalf of (POBO and ROBO) structures. However, many others are still striving to reach this level of sophistication. Here, we go back to basics to find out how these structures work and how treasury teams can adopt them.

  • Nordic and Baltic challenges

    This issue’s question

    “What challenges have corporate treasurers based in the Nordic and Baltic regions faced in the last 12 months and what solutions/strategies are they using to overcome these?”