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  • Press release: IFRS Foundation and World Bank deepen cooperation to support developing economies in their use of reporting standards

    15th May 2017 – The IFRS Foundation has announced a new cooperation agreement with the World Bank to provide greater support to developing economies in their use of IFRS® Standards. The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), reflects the organisations’ view that the transparency, accountability and efficiency provided by adoption of IFRS Standards plays an essential role in attracting inward investment, boosting economic development and ultimately alleviating poverty.

  • Press release: Leading financial institutions pioneer use of global platform for trade finance risk distribution

    16th May 2017 – CCRManager Pte Ltd, a global trade FinTech company, today announced the launch of an innovative new electronic platform developed for the distribution of trade finance, supply chain finance and working capital assets.

  • Businessman exposed with cityscape

    Next generation TMS

    Treasury management systems have changed markedly over the past decade, with many adopting a broader range of functionalities as well as different deployment models. In theory, companies of all shapes and sizes are now able to leverage these solutions – but to what extent are corporates in Asia Pacific taking advantage of next generation treasury technology?

  • Johnson Controls collecting award

    Corporate treasurers – mark your success

    Nominations open June 12th 2017

    Our highly acclaimed Adam Smith Awards Asia programme is now in its fourth year.

  • Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2017 panellists

    The quest for inclusion

    Over the five years that the Treasury Today Group have been running our Women in Treasury initiative, it has been interesting to see how conversations around diversity have evolved. In a relatively short time, diversity has shifted from a fringe topic to one at the heart of corporate life.

  • Sonam Donkar, PepsiCo

    Corporate View: 
    Sonam Donkar, PepsiCo

    As the Treasury Head at one of the largest multinationals operating in India, Sonam Donkar has reached the zenith of the profession. The road has not always been straightforward, but what sets Donkar apart is her self-belief and her drive to further the profile of corporate treasury. Her ambition now is to share this passion and knowledge with those around her in order to further the development of the profession in India.

  • David Blair, Acarate

    In-house banks without expensive software

    The current popularity of in-house banks (IHB) combined with the regulatory uncertainty surrounding notional pooling makes the case for multicurrency virtual accounts (MCVA) very attractive to a wide range of treasurers.

  • Brexit flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union on a cracked background

    Brexit: what comes next?

    A year after the UK voted to leave the European Union, what are the implications of Brexit for corporate treasurers, and what steps should they be taking to overcome the various challenges?

  • Alex Fiott, Head of Front Office, Treasury, AstraZeneca

    Problem Solved: 
    Alex Fiott, AstraZeneca

    After reviewing how it segmented its cash, the AstraZeneca treasury decided that it wanted to manage its cash more proactively and invest it across a longer time horizon. Tri-party repos and separately managed accounts stood out as short-term investment products that would enable them to do this.

  • Kate Moorcroft, Group Treasurer, Barratt Developments

    Women in Treasury: 
    Kate Moorcroft, Barratt Developments

    In a relatively short time, Kate Moorcroft, Group Treasurer at Barratt Developments has risen to the top of the treasury profession. In this candid interview, she talks about her career path and how learning to have confidence in her own abilities has enabled her to push forward her career.