• Open banking in a regulated world

    The payment industry landscape is drastically evolving with new regulations coming into force (PSD2 and GDPR in Europe), fintechs stepping up in the payments value chain, and new API services enriching and challenging the existing e-banking solutions. A recent BNP Paribas webinar explored the key changes.

  • Dan Burns, Financial Markets Editor, Thomson Reuters

    Have Trump’s tax reforms caused you to rethink your US dollar repatriation strategy?

    US tax policy shifts are having a significant influence on how multi-national corporations are allocating capital. What does this mean for your business?

  • Why should you adhere to the FX Code of Conduct?

    Prior to the financial crisis, conduct was not generally considered to be critically important. Regulators largely supported a ‘light touch’ approach resulting in widespread lapses in judgement and ethics and a series of scandals. The FX Code of Conduct, based on principles, not detailed rules, sets out to permanently raise FX conduct standards, so why should you sign up?

  • Andrew Farnhill, DBS London

    Optimise your treasury operations in Asia at the click of a button

    DBS’ Treasury Prism online simulation tool allows treasurers to explore and optimise their Asian treasury operations in a matter of minutes. Andrew Farnhill, Head of Sales, Global Transaction Services, DBS London, demonstrated this cutting-edge solution in a recent webinar.

  • The fundamentals of end-to-end FX excellence

    In a recent webinar, representatives of Thomson Reuters and Sime Darby Hong Kong explained how to achieve end-to-end FX excellence.

  • Sanctions in the spotlight

    Managing the risk of global sanctions is becoming increasingly important for corporates. The landscape is becoming more complex and the regulators are placing non-financial organisations under the spotlight. Is it time to put a best in class sanctions screening programme in place?

  • Francis De Roeck, Head of SEPA offering at BNP Paribas

    Life in the fast lane: instant payments for treasurers

    Are instant payments an industry game changer? Treasury Today and BNP Paribas uncovered the benefits in a recent webinar, analysing the features of instant payment systems and exploring some of the more interesting corporate use cases.

  • Building a treasury technology use case

    The growing complexity of the corporate treasury operation in many organisations is driving demand for sophisticated treasury technology. In a recent webinar, representatives from ION Treasury, Openlink and the Strategic Treasurer came together to explain how treasury can build a strong technology use case.

  • Better collections management

    Collections are the foundation of treasury management. So why are many corporates still struggling in this area? In a recent webinar hosted by Treasury Today, senior product executives from BNP Paribas discussed why this is the case and what changes corporates can make to solve the issue.

  • The impact of changes to US monetary policy on corporate cash investments

    In a recent webinar, BlackRock Global Cash Management’s Tom Kolimago, Head of Credit and Investment Research, and Crystina Hickey, Institutional Cash Sales Asia joined Treasury Today Asia to give corporate investors the inside track on the major trends impacting the short-term investment landscape.