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    Are you ready for the future?

    Corporate treasurers constantly have one eye on the future, and with many treasury functions under increasingly stringent cost constraints, treasurers are seeking ever more innovative ways of doing their jobs more efficiently and technologies to free them up to do the tasks that add the most value. From mobile treasury tools to the rise of the CTO, we look at what the future holds for the function.

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    Virtual accounts: keeping it real

    They say that if an idea seems too good to be true then it probably is. But the concept of virtual accounts appears to be offering a number of major benefits to corporates that few would decline if they knew about them. What are they and how do they work?

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    Re-engineering cash flows

    Hold-ups in company cash flows are a major concern for corporates in most industries. How can corporates streamline their flow of cash? What are the common culprits for delays? And what is the role of the treasurer in all this?

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    Are you receiving me?

    The accounts receivable function may not traditionally be associated with excitement, but get it wrong and it could cost the business dearly. Streamlining this process, especially on the collections side, should be on the agenda now and should remain there. But is there more to it than the application of technology?

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    Reporting necessities

    Most of the new regulations coming into play have an element of greater transparency embedded in them. This means that corporate treasurers are having to report in greater detail and depth in order to satisfy this demand. Technology can ease the pain of reporting, provided that the systems in place are flexible and robust.

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    Wrestling with Asian regulations

    Asia is so heterogeneous in terms of regulations and currencies that typical treasury management strategies may not always be effective. Keeping abreast of the many regulatory developments can be mind boggling, but not insurmountable.

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    Translating treasury overseas

    Enhanced international communication skills can boost revenue, profits and market share for ambitious firms, as accessing and capitalising on overseas markets is recognised as playing a large part in the corporate growth agenda.

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    Shifting global dynamics

    It is not just China and India that represent opportunities in the East – South-East Asian markets are growing exponentially and are hungry for foreign investment. While these markets may not yet be a large part of an MNC’s P&L, they certainly will be in the future.

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    What’s yours is mine

    Fraud is a perennial problem for businesses and tackling it seems to require a level of cunning that fraudsters themselves would be proud of. But instead of keeping the lid on it, experts say the best response is to be more open and communicative. Are you ready for change?

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    Taxing times

    Profit shifting and transfer pricing have been hot tax topics in Asia for many years. However, recent developments in tax policy in Australia, India and China in particular have highlighted the challenges facing corporate treasurers in the region.