• Understanding the road ahead: short-term investing in an era of unprecedented change

    After nearly a decade of debate, the new rules governing European Money Market Funds will come into effect on 29th January 2019. This follows the implementation of new regulation in the United States in late 2016. The new rules bring about a host of challenges and opportunities for investors and asset managers alike. To find out what these are, and offer you, the corporate treasurer, some practical advice on what to do next, the Treasury Today Group brought together senior representatives from the world’s leading asset managers to discuss the impact of regulatory reform and a number of other factors on corporate short-term investment strategies.

  • Working together and thinking differently: charting a course for treasury management in Asia Pacific

    Over the past decade, treasury management in Asia Pacific has undergone an evolution as the role has become more strategic and more closely aligned with the business. With a variety of forces creating a host of new opportunities and challenges for treasury teams we wanted to discover what the future will look like. To do this, Treasury Today Group brought together six of the region’s most senior corporate treasurers and transaction bankers to discuss the big trends in corporate treasury at the 2017 Talking Treasury Forum in Singapore.

  • Cash management in Asia – a 20/20 vision

    This is a must-read for any corporate operating in Asia Pacific (APAC). We invited the most senior transaction bankers in the region for a round-table discussion. We asked them for their visions of the future and asked what guidance they are providing to corporates operating in the region. Read on for some enlightening and practical advice.

  • Global Cash Management

    With a still-challenging global economic environment, corporates are firmly focused on cash visibility and access. Are corporates finding it easier to attain the desired level of cash visibility, or is there something they need to do in order to get to the next level? How can banks help their clients navigate these challenges and, importantly, are they living up to the corporates’ expectations?

  • Global Cash Management Talking Treasury Forum

    Are banks really aligned with corporates on cash management issues? Treasury Today’s Global Cash Management Talking Treasury Forum finds out.

  • Short-term investments

    Investors and leading fund managers discuss the challenge of investing cash in the short-term markets. They discuss the regulatory threats to the money fund industry and the possible solutions, as well as the various alternatives they are considering.

  • Short-Term Investments

    Money funds are under attack by regulators, banks don’t want your short-term cash. In our round table on short-term investing we asked investors and fund managers to talk about the challenges they’re facing. This gives you an idea of some of the things they said.

  • Global Cash Management

    Contingency planning for a potential Eurozone break-up. Getting on board with SEPA before migration resources dry up. Embracing mobile technology for corporate cash management on the move. These key topics and more are covered by seven leading bankers in this lively roundtable discussion.

  • Delegates at Money Funds Talking Treasury Forum November/December 2011

    Money funds: what does the future hold?

    Not sure what to make of the noise around money market fund regulation? Considering using a money market fund portal? Then, read on. In this Talking Treasury Forum, four seasoned industry professionals look at key money market fund issues including investor priorities, regulatory threats and the growing need for transparency.

  • Global Cash Management

    As globalisation continues, treasurers are thinking strategically about the way that they manage company cash. This has led them to demand more from their cash management banks as they look to drive efficiencies across their organisations and embrace innovative solutions. In this Talking Treasury Forum, seven leading bankers discuss the latest cash management trends, from virtual accounts to mobile technologies and SEPA.