• Bruno Mellado, Global Head of Payments and Receivables, BNP Paribas

    Why it’s time to join the instant payments phenomenon

    Treasurers who believe they have no need for instant payments should ask their business colleagues what they think.

  • Instituting a cash investment policy statement

    A cash investment policy statement, or cash IPS, is an important tool when it comes to articulating the company’s investment goals, optimising cash and promoting accountability. But an IPS is not set in stone – and in current market conditions it’s particularly critical to make sure the statement is fully up-to-date, whether that means reviewing the existing IPS or building an IPS for the first time.

  • Are you future ready?

    With digitisation and ecommerce having a major impact on companies’ supply chains and relationships – especially in Asia Pacific – businesses are increasingly stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing new business models. Which challenges lie ahead, and what should treasurers be doing to build a roadmap through this changing landscape?

  • When is a money market fund not a money market fund?

    The answer to the headline question is no laughing matter for today’s short-term investor. New money market fund regulations are muddying the waters when it comes to discovering what ‘money market fund’ really means. Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen, Head of Product Development, International, Global Liquidity, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, casts a welcome light on the shifting short-term landscape.

  • Supercharger: how to build a digital treasury

    With the concept of ‘digitisation’ now firmly embedded in the consciousness of the treasury community, the time for action is now. But there is so much more to building a successful digital future than simply implementing new technologies.

  • Removing the pain points for international payments

    In a world of interconnected global commerce, paying for goods and services across borders has become standard practice. But for the legions of corporate treasurers at the forefront of global trade, the experience of sending and receiving payments internationally has been anything but standardised.

  • Stephanie Wolf and Hubert J.P. Jolly, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    The Executive Series: Preparing for the future

    This July in New York City, Richard Parkinson, Chair of Treasury Today, sat down with three of Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s global executive team for a roundtable discussion. We wanted to get their perspective on what is keeping treasury professionals up at night. Drawing on Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s position as the Best Global Bank, it has a comprehensive view of the issues affecting today’s treasurers. In the first part of this multi-medium Executive Series, experts from the bank provide their insights into a diverse range of topics, from the rise of artificial intelligent (AI) in treasury management systems to the importance of measuring environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for companies.

  • Aidan Shevlin, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific Liquidity Fund Management at J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    Stepping out of the shadows: demystifying China’s new asset management industry rules

    Rules recently introduced by China’s financial regulators will transform the country’s asset management industry. Aidan Shevlin, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific Liquidity Fund Management at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, unpacks the rules and explains what they mean for investors.

  • The impact of GDPR on treasury

    The biggest shake-up in data privacy regulation is upon us with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going live on 25th May this year. GDPR sets a new bar for global data protection rules by governing the way organisations collect, use and store personal data concerning EU citizens. At its core is the focus on unambiguous consent of the individual for their data to be held in some instances, and the granting of new rights to secure their protection. The objective is to better protect EU citizens from privacy and data breaches.

  • Navigating Asia’s regulatory landscape for efficiency and growth

    Shape the debate

    This is the first in a series of three articles produced by Treasury Today Asia and Citi, giving you the chance to have your say on some of the key issues in corporate treasury today. In this article, Sandip Patil outlines his views on the Asia regulatory landscape. We invite you to answer three polling questions based on your view of the content. We will analyse and publish the results in an upcoming edition of our Treasury Insights newsletter, kickstarting industry debate.