• Terry Dennis, EMEA Cash Management Sales Head, Corporate and Public Sector, Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi

    Automating treasury: taking a fresh look

    In every industry, technology is making possible things that once seemed impossible. Terry Dennis, EMEA Cash Management Sales Head, Corporate and Public Sector, Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi, explores how new technology is accelerating change and creating new opportunities within corporate treasury.

  • Mark Evans, Managing Director, Transaction Banking, ANZ

    Byte marks: sinking treasury’s teeth into agile technology

    The increasing pressure on all business functions to deliver more with less is not going away. What’s needed, argues Mark Evans, Managing Director, Transaction Banking, ANZ is a communicative, connected and agile business environment. For treasurers, this includes exploring new technologies.

  • Trading paper for precision: seizing the digital advantage in the trade space

    The trade and supply chain space is ripe for disruption in so many ways. But how can this be achieved and to what effect? ANZ’s trade experts, Michael Lim and Hari Janakiraman, consider digitisation in this key function and explore the future prospects.

  • Sebastian Niemeyer, Head of BELLIN GTB Services, BELLIN

    Building a virtual network

    As companies work to grow their businesses, many turn their attention to opportunities overseas. However, international expansion is not without its challenges – particularly where corporate treasury is concerned. While companies need to put appropriate banking structures in place in order to operate in new markets, the company’s existing banks will not necessarily operate in the required countries. Even if current banks do provide coverage, it may be necessary for the company to set up relationships with local banks in order to access key services.

  • Tony McLaughlin, Managing Director, Emerging Payments and Business Development, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi

    Your guide to the real-time payments revolution

    The biggest trend in financial services right now is not fintech nor the blockchain; it is the move from batch to real-time. This is the view of Tony McLaughlin, Managing Director, Emerging Payments and Business Development, Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi. In this article, he charts a course for the payments industry, providing some action points for treasurers.

  • Mark Evans, Managing Director, Transaction Banking, ANZ

    Crossing borders: transacting in Asia’s new reality

    Geopolitical issues have dominated the headlines in recent months, but Asia Pacific has proved resilient to these shocks. Corporations doing cross-border business in the region now need to focus on their short-term tactics and long-term strategies to fit Asia Pacific’s new reality. In this article, Mark Evans, Managing Director, Transaction Banking at ANZ explains how corporates can navigate shifting demand patterns and how China’s policy goals and economic profile are shaping the region.

  • The treasury of tomorrow, today

    In a time of great change, corporate treasury professionals in Asia Pacific need not only a bank, but a banking partner. In this article, Citi outlines how it is supporting its clients in new and imaginative ways across cash, liquidity and trade.

  • Mark Evans and Michael Lim, ANZ

    Crossing borders: navigating the new reality of international business

    The seemingly inexorable march of globalisation has redefined how businesses operate, enabling them to reach more customers, improve efficiency and ultimately become more profitable. However, in an increasingly complex world, the benefits that have been delivered by globalisation can no longer be taken for granted.

  • Mastering accounts receivables

    Optimising accounts receivables has traditionally proved challenging for the corporate treasurer. However, the last couple of years have brought new opportunities for efficiency and automation. What steps should treasurers take to overcome the challenges of AR optimisation and how can innovative new tools help them achieve this?

  • David J. Cooper, Deutsche Bank

    A solution to the challenge of foreign currency receipts

    Managing receivables has always been a challenging piece of the Accounts Payables/Accounts Receivables jigsaw and when those receipts are in foreign currency, the problems are only compounded. In this article, Deutsche Bank’s David J. Cooper, Head of the FX4Cash™ Product Specialist Team in Asia, discusses the opportunities for companies to address the issue and explains how Deutsche Bank has developed a solution to respond to the foreign currency receivables conundrum.