• Mark Evans and Michael Lim, ANZ

    Crossing borders: navigating the new reality of international business

    The seemingly inexorable march of globalisation has redefined how businesses operate, enabling them to reach more customers, improve efficiency and ultimately become more profitable. However, in an increasingly complex world, the benefits that have been delivered by globalisation can no longer be taken for granted.

  • Mastering accounts receivables

    Optimising accounts receivables has traditionally proved challenging for the corporate treasurer. However, the last couple of years have brought new opportunities for efficiency and automation. What steps should treasurers take to overcome the challenges of AR optimisation and how can innovative new tools help them achieve this?

  • David J. Cooper, Deutsche Bank

    A solution to the challenge of foreign currency receipts

    Managing receivables has always been a challenging piece of the Accounts Payables/Accounts Receivables jigsaw and when those receipts are in foreign currency, the problems are only compounded. In this article, Deutsche Bank’s David J. Cooper, Head of the FX4Cash™ Product Specialist Team in Asia, discusses the opportunities for companies to address the issue and explains how Deutsche Bank has developed a solution to respond to the foreign currency receivables conundrum.

  • Munir Nanji, Citi

    Driving e-commerce across industries

    Global e-commerce continues to grow, revealing new opportunities for businesses and their treasury departments across the world. Asia Pacific is now the largest e-commerce market globally, offering a diverse mix of economies each with an enormous amount of e-commerce potential. In this article, Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions team in the region discuss the growth opportunities for companies within the expanding e-commerce space and how they are helping clients to leverage the reach of the internet and build more modern and efficient treasury operations.

  • Mapping Asia: time to check co-ordinates

    When someone stops to look at a map they are seeking not only directions from where they are now but also the best possible route to their destination. For a country to gain such insight, it takes a skilled observer. Some of the best-positioned in this context are the bankers that serve the corporate community. The views represented here reflect this experience.

  • Vishal Kapoor, Citi

    Defying gravity: financing growth strategies in a declining market

    A strategic approach to financing growth is essential in today’s fiercely competitive global environment. What strategies are most successful for scaling up when the markets are falling?

  • Peter Cunningham and Emanuela Saccarola, Citi

    Embracing the unpredictable: a practical approach to managing treasury in volatile markets

    Tackling the volatile marketplaces that make up the world’s emerging economies can be a challenge for corporates looking to expand. For treasurers, a pragmatic approach will keep the ship steady but how does this translate into action?

  • Amit Agarwal and James Lee, Citi

    Go your own way: managing investments in a diverging economy

    In an economic environment characterised by divergent monetary policies and regulatory change, treasurers more than ever need to think holistically across currencies. Nowhere is this demand more insistent than when reviewing investment policy.

  • Working capital connections

    “As the newly appointed Head of the HSBC Payments and Cash Management business in Europe, I’m excited about the opportunities we have to help our clients to grow their business. With a presence in 33 European markets we are ideally placed to help clients across the globe expand into Europe and to help our European clients expand into fast growing markets in other regions.

    We are seeing continued growth in multiple countries with increased investment in Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland to name a few. Recently, we also became the first bank to implement a two-way RMB sweep between Europe (UK/Germany) and China. As the following article demonstrates, we have the international connectivity, presence and ability to facilitate working capital, supply chain, corporate card and liquidity management solutions flexibly, as part of our overall relationship with our clients.”

    Eddie Norton, Head of Payments and Cash Management, Europe, HSBC

  • Tony Richter, Ian Blackburn and Michèle Zaquine, HSBC

    The art of the possible: future opportunities for treasurers

    The one certainty in the current economic environment is that change is firmly on the agenda. Many may equate this with increased pressure and even risk, especially where the regulatory agenda is seen as one of tighter control. But as new developments in the European landscape unfurl, the smarter treasury operation can position itself to benefit from the very thing that others may fear.