• Coastal view of Cape Town, Africa

    Keeping an open mind: successful treasury operations in Africa

    It’s a long game for Asian corporates moving into Africa; is it worth it? Treasury Today Asia hears some real insights and country-specific textures from treasurers already operating in the region.

  • Wooden coloured houses in Bergen, Norway

    Nordic and Baltic regions in focus

    “We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. Hammer of the gods, will drive our ships to new land.” Rock group Led Zeppelin’s fascination with ancient Nordic culture may have provided it with a rich source of lyrical inspiration but it also serves as a reminder that, although out on a geographical limb, the region is far from isolated. We investigate the treasury implications of northern exposure.

  • Victoria falls waterfall in a beautiful setting

    Sub-Saharan Africa: regional insight

    With increasing levels of investment in Sub-Sharan Africa, many treasurers here in Asia Pacific are now having to deal with the nuances and local market realities that are present in this part of world. Here, we take a detailed look at these are and what constitutes best practice in Sub-Saharan Africa.