• Separate Accounts: building a personalised portfolio

    Separate Accounts can provide cash investors with enhanced flexibility and the opportunity to obtain greater yield than money market funds (MMFs). Corinne Lewis-Reynier, Head of Product Strategy for the EMEA Cash Management Group at BlackRock, examines the benefits of Separate Accounts and the operational factors for corporate treasurers to bear in mind when considering them.

  • View of city

    Supplier finance: coming of age

    Successful supplier finance programmes deliver tangible benefits to buyers and their suppliers while also helping to create more stable supply chains. In this Product Profile, Richard Hite, Vice President, Supplier Finance and Simon Enticknap, Director, Trade and Working Capital at Barclays, examine the reasons why corporates should consider supplier finance and what needs to be taken into account when deciding to progress with this strategy.

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    Working capital management: reaching the next level

    The way that corporates approach their working capital management is evolving. Rather than simply addressing inefficiencies for short-term gain, forward-thinking treasurers are now striving to embed sustainable, long-term working capital strategies at the heart of their business. Four experts from ING’s Working Capital Solutions group explain what is driving this shift and outline how companies can take their working capital management to the next level, while ensuring minimal disruption in their day-to-day operations.

  • Amit Agarwal, Emre Karter and Dimitrios Raptis from Citi

    Managing emerging market liquidity

    Expanding in emerging markets may offer businesses unprecedented opportunity for growth, but most making that move know that there are increased risks too which, if left untended, could impair their bottom line. What can be done?

  • Lisa Francis and Gareth Noble, Barclays

    We need to talk about FX

    For businesses considering or already operating in different currencies it is essential they maximise their trading environment with respect to foreign exchange. Getting a good rate is important, but there is far more to it than just driving a hard bargain with the bank. Lisa Francis, Managing Director, Barclays Risk Solutions Group EMEA and Gareth Noble, Managing Director, Barclays Risk Solutions Group FX are on hand to explain.

  • Gerlach Jacobs, ING

    All together now: integrating payments, trade and working capital

    The complexity of modern business means that a client and solution focused mindset is increasingly necessary to meet a corporate’s daily transactional challenges. Integrated delivery, driven by this understanding, can help client organisations become more efficient in both their key business processes and in managing their finances.

  • Anand Pande and Steve Everett, RBS

    Key trends in cash and trade

    Interesting times lay ahead for the transaction services industry and providers have to deliver on many fronts. Without doubt, the quality of the relationship and the insight provided by banks around the converging themes of cash and trade continue to offer a vital lifeline for corporates the world over. Anand Pande, Global Head of Trade, and Steve Everett, Global Head of Cash Management, discuss the depth and breadth of transaction services capabilities at RBS.

  • Guy Pantall, Lloyds Bank

    Gearing up for SEPA

    With less than six months to go before the migration deadline for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Guy Pantall, Head of Product, Cash Management and Payments, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, outlines the immediate impact of 1st February 2014 and how Lloyds Bank is helping its corporate clients find the opportunities presented by SEPA to create a more efficient treasury.

  • Lionel Taylor, Head of Trade Product, Lloyds Bank

    Supply chain finance – modern, simple, effective

    Supply chain finance (SCF) may have been available for many years, but there is no shying away from the fact that it has never quite taken the starring role in the pantheon of banking products. It may lack glamour but, for those that know, it is a simple and effective working capital solution that functions in the background helping both corporate buyers and their supply chain. Lionel Taylor, Head of Trade Products at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, gives Treasury Today a guided tour of all that SCF means today – and what it may mean in the future.

  • Short-duration strategy: tailoring your cash portfolio for higher yields

    Record low central bank rates are driving down the available yields from money market instruments. Regulation is compounding matters by suppressing yields and potentially limiting the pool of investments available to corporate treasurers. With these structural changes in the financial industry reshaping best practice cash management, how can treasury professionals look to optimise their cash portfolio and achieve higher yields, while being mindful of risk? A short-duration strategy within a separately managed account could be the answer, according to BNY Mellon Asset Management.