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    Eastern aspirations

    The Asian economic landscape has changed significantly over the past decade and is still progressing rapidly. While the evolution is welcome, these developments have contributed to an altered landscape for treasurers working in the region, making efficient cash management more complex. As Asia’s importance to the global economy continues to grow, how must the dynamic market prepare?

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    Where will the next crisis come from?

    Governments and banks responded to the global financial crisis by simply ‘putting out fires’. But are these short-term solutions storing trouble down the line? Treasury Today looks at potential threats to the global economy over the coming years.

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    Early adoption doesn’t always pay

    When it comes to making that initial leap into the great unknown, the risks can seem to greatly outweigh the rewards. Nevertheless, there are always people prepared to bite the bullet and move ahead of the curve. Is it the innovators or the late movers that really have the advantage though?

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    How does your bank view you?

    Banks play an important role in the life of a corporate treasury, so wouldn’t it be good to hear how they view the relationship? Here’s what four leading bankers and a specialist treasury consultant have to say: from their take on multi-bank solutions to realising that corporates are no longer tethered to specific institutions.

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    Embedding sustainability at the heart of treasury

    For a treasurer, ‘going green’ offers much more than merely cost cutting. Efficiency and sustainability are effectively two sides of the same coin. Being green is not just about doing the right thing, it is actually equivalent to all of the efficiency initiatives that treasurers have been embarking on for a number of years.

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    eBAM: still some way to go

    Many treasurers are keen to take advantage of the benefits promised by eBAM, but so far corporate demand for the solution has greatly outpaced supply. What progress has been made so far and what impact has SWIFT’s recent eBAM pilot had on the market?

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    Managed treasury: the new outsourcing

    Saving time and expense are at the top of the business agenda for corporates around the globe. But will today’s challenging environment persuade treasurers to take the plunge and outsource more of their functions? And if so, how can outsourcing providers gain their trust again?

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    Outside the comfort zone

    Once a treasurer, always a treasurer? Not necessarily – for some treasury professionals, a strategic move into a bank or consultancy firm can bring exciting challenges and development opportunities. But any career move involves an element of risk and treasurers contemplating such a move should be aware of the obstacles they are likely to encounter.

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    Best practice: finding your gold standard

    Every treasury department is different thanks to a wide array of variables – geographic spread, industry, staffing levels, to pick just three. How do you find out the treasury best practices suitable for your department?

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    Creativity in challenging times: innovation in payments

    The payments world is vast and expanding rapidly. While much of the visible progress can only be found in the retail space, corporates should be aware of the quiet revolution taking place. From corporate payment processes to bank best practice, and non-bank market participants through to new technology, innovation is driving growth and efficiency. But challenges remain, particularly in the face of new regulations.