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    Flowing eastwards

    It is not just China and India that represent opportunities in the East – South-East Asian markets are growing exponentially and are hungry for foreign investment. While these markets may not yet be a large part of an MNC’s P&L, they certainly will in the future.

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    Investing in the future

    Sustainable and ethical investment instruments are not experiencing high demand from corporate treasurers, mainly due to a perceived trade-off between sustainability considerations and aspects that treasurers care most about: capital preservation, liquidity and yield.

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    Corporate investments: still safety first

    Despite large sums of cash on balance sheets, treasurers are remaining cautious when it comes to investments. In the current volatile economic climate and with a spate of regulatory changes on the horizon, research by Treasury Today indicates that security and liquidity remain top priorities for corporate investors – with yield coming in a distant third.

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    Treasurers get inventive

    It’s no revelation that treasurers are currently facing a number of challenges – problems that seem to be increasing and expanding on an almost daily basis. An ever resilient lot, however, these professionals are living up to their potential by adopting flexible and innovative strategies in-house that allow them and their department to evolve with the unpredictable, volatile environment.

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    For better or worse

    Open communication and an agreed level of honesty are crucial to a harmonious relationship. Many corporates and banks are sitting down for heart-to-heart discussions around what they need to get out of the partnership in order to take it to the next level of mutual benefit.

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    Calculated prophecies

    Predicting what will happen is never easy and preparing for all eventualities is impossible for many corporates, especially with tight budgets and strained resources. Without a crystal ball to rely on, market experts draw from current trends to allow us to form a picture of what to expect in the coming year.

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    Eastern aspirations

    The Asian economic landscape has changed significantly over the past decade and is still progressing rapidly. While the evolution is welcome, these developments have contributed to an altered landscape for treasurers working in the region, making efficient cash management more complex. As Asia’s importance to the global economy continues to grow, how must the dynamic market prepare?

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    Where will the next crisis come from?

    Governments and banks responded to the global financial crisis by simply ‘putting out fires’. But are these short-term solutions storing trouble down the line? Treasury Today looks at potential threats to the global economy over the coming years.

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    Early adoption doesn’t always pay

    When it comes to making that initial leap into the great unknown, the risks can seem to greatly outweigh the rewards. Nevertheless, there are always people prepared to bite the bullet and move ahead of the curve. Is it the innovators or the late movers that really have the advantage though?

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    How does your bank view you?

    Banks play an important role in the life of a corporate treasury, so wouldn’t it be good to hear how they view the relationship? Here’s what four leading bankers and a specialist treasury consultant have to say: from their take on multi-bank solutions to realising that corporates are no longer tethered to specific institutions.