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    There are many ‘I’s in team

    Team-playing is not for everyone but then if the nature of human expectation and motivation is really considered in depth, very few have the required skills to make it work en masse. For the rest of us, how can teamwork be improved, what happens when it goes wrong and how can we improve matters?

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    Rise of the regional relationship

    With bank strategies less certain in today’s regulatory environment, the task of selecting a new banking partner has never been more demanding. But what are treasurers looking for in a transaction bank today? We asked treasurers and bankers for their take.

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    Overcoming pension headaches

    Over recent years we have seen numerous examples of multinational companies making changes to their accounting methods for pension plans and other post-retirement benefits. But that is just one of the many new remedies to which treasurers are turning for relief from their pension headaches these days. In this article, we consider the challenges facing company pension plans, and the skills, knowledge and experience treasurers have to offer in overcoming these challenges.

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    Treasury with foresight

    There’s little doubt that efforts to engage in sustainable and responsible business are in the spotlight more than ever before; Volkswagen’s share prices plummeting amidst last year’s emissions scandal, the public reaction to Amazon’s treatment of employees and the outrage that China burns much more coal than it claims – the list could go on. But what do corporate treasurers need to know and what can they do to ensure their business makes a positive impact on the world without having a negative impact on profits?

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    Treasury tomorrow

    What will be the dominant issues on the treasury agenda in the year ahead? Will it be another big year for treasury transformation projects or will some treasurers have their hands too full managing market volatility and regulatory change? We ask a selection of industry experts to run through what they believe will be the big talking points of 2016 as we head into the new year.

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    All eyes on China?

    Treasurers will be watching developments in China closely in 2016; it is ASEAN, however, where we may yet see the greatest, most enduring changes. Treasury Today Asia asks industry experts what is in store for the year ahead and what treasurers should be doing now to prepare.

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    How to get more from your banks

    As the regulatory environment continues to evolve, it has never been more important for corporate treasurers to maintain strong relationships with their core banks. As it is with any type of relationship, however, stability and longevity are largely determined by the abilities of both parties to understand each other’s needs. Here, treasurers, bankers and industry consultants offer their views on how this can be best achieved.

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    Life in the FAST lane

    In recent years, national payments infrastructure has been under the spotlight in many countries as governments look to replace their legacy systems with best-in-class solutions. In this article, we look at steps being taken to implement faster payments across Asia Pacific and what these developments mean to the economy and the corporate community.

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    Commitment issues

    The bank agnostic technology model is increasingly sought by treasurers eager not to put all their eggs in one basket. It is a risk management quest but it is also one of operational and cost efficiency. Treasury Today considers the benefits and drawbacks of stepping beyond the world of bank proprietary technology.

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    Cash in Asia: king for now

    The vision of a cashless society has existed for decades, yet physical cash remains an integral part of many, if not most, economies in Asia Pacific (APAC). In this article, we explore the benefits a cashless society can bring, the steps being taken towards this, and ask whether a cashless society in APAC will ever be feasible.