• Treasury Insights – update

    Treasury Insights, our new weekly analysis of issues affecting treasury, was launched successfully last month and is already being emailed to a large number of our readers. If you would like be added to the circulation list please register your interest at treasurytoday.com or email insights@treasurytoday.com

  • "Transform yourselves before someone does it to you"

    The theme of this year's SIBOS* conference in Copenhagen wastransformation. The common view turned out to be thattransformation in the world of banking and payments isinevitable, but at the same time banks were moving too slowly in theeyes of their corporate customers.

  • You can never take the risk out of risk

    One of the factors that set the human race apart from other creatures is our ability to recognise and consider the uncertainty of the future. Some analyses of the future have significant economic effects on large numbers of people – the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee’s takes its decisions on the level of interest rates after considering predictions about the future state of the UK economy. Other analyses may only affect small numbers – the punter at Kempton who puts money on a runner in the 2.30. More generally, any business that wants to plan for the future needs to incorporate at least some predictions about the future.

  • Who cares?

    One sign of a successful and thriving economy is when attention is diverted away from the need to create jobs and focused instead on how the successful businesses are operating. Environmental problems also prompt much introspection about whether human activities are to blame – hence the current search for a scapegoat for the recent floods.