• Amazing view to Tokyo City Center at sunset

    A new dawn for treasury management in Japan

    Japan, the world’s third largest economy, is home to some of the most innovative companies on the planet. Yet the role of corporate treasury in Japanese companies remains largely siloed and operational. Treasury Today Asia finds out why this is the case and hears how the profession in the country might be approaching a new dawn.

  • Sunset over harbor at Auckland

    New Zealand: small, but perfectly formed

    The easiest place in the world to start a business and the second best generally to conduct business, New Zealand sure sounds like somewhere corporates should take note of. What it lacks in the size of market, it sure makes up for in growth opportunities, stability and transparency.

  • Golden rock in the beautiful twilight Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

    Coming in from the cold

    Myanmar is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and is becoming a hot investment target for international companies. But the country’s undeveloped transport and banking infrastructure means corporate treasurers may be in for a bumpy ride, in more ways than one.

  • Woman with red scarf dancing near the Taj Mahal in India

    India: ready for take off

    India has long been considered a country of enormous opportunity, but in recent years numerous factors have prevented it achieving its full potential. Change, however, is in the air and India may soon be ready to take its seat at the economic top table. What does this all mean for the business and treasury landscape in the country? Treasury Today Asia investigates.

  • Gräfin Carola von Schmettow, Stephen Price and Gabriele A. Schnell

    Germany: Europe’s powerhouse

    Positive sentiment in Germany has been gaining momentum over the last year, and there is good reason to be optimistic. Treasury Today examines the economic forces driving the German economy’s growth, how it has positioned itself as a stable European country in an otherwise volatile region, and outlines the country’s suitability as a gateway for international businesses in search of expansion.

  • Skyline of Tallinn, Estonia at sunset

    Estonia: a digital economy

    Situated in Northern Europe, Estonia has gained recognition for its resilience throughout both the Eurozone crisis and ongoing periods of weak regional growth. Treasury Today takes a look at how the country has achieved this stability, whilst embracing digital innovation, to become an attractive business location.

  • Famous ancient achaeological attraction, La Ciudad Pedida lost city

    Colombia: top of the class

    Economic growth in Colombia has exceeded the world’s average growth rate every year – bar 2010 – this century. Although impressive growth rates have sometimes been attributed to ‘good fortune’ in rich natural resources, this article explores the role that robust economic management has played in helping the nation successfully cope with external shock factors. We also examine what the future holds for the country’s economy and those corporates operating in and out of Colombia.

  • Twelve Apostles in Victoria, Australia

    Australia: an economy in transition

    Despite a recent slowdown in its crucial exports of minerals and commodities, Australia’s economy appears to be in rude health as it transitions from a focus on the mining sector to other industries. With a highly regulated banking sector that was not impacted as much by the financial crisis as some other developed countries, and stable levels of household debt, Australia looks set to move on to the next stage of its economic development.

  • Two elephants greeting each other

    Nigeria: the giant of Africa

    In terms of its geographical size, population and economy, Nigeria is a force to be reckoned with in Africa. Now the continent’s biggest economy, Nigeria has undergone many changes in recent years. Yet there are some fundamental challenges which still remain and need to be overcome before it can fully realise its economic potential. Treasury Today looks at recent economic and infrastructural developments in the country and what they mean for businesses operating in the country.

  • Pile of money used in Cambodia

    Cambodia: a snapshot

    While welcome progress has been made towards breaking Cambodia’s year-long political impasse, legislators have done little to help entrepreneurs in a country whose process for setting up a business is among the very longest and most complex in the world. Treasury Today Asia considers Cambodia’s banking environment, the factors holding back capital market development and progress towards integration with ASEAN.