• Tamer Karabulut, Türk Telekom

    Corporate View: 
    Tamer Karabulut, Türk Telekom

    Tamer Karabulut, Head of Treasury Operations, Türk Telekom, has moved from heavy industry to the high tech world of telecoms via military service and an academic study of law. He is now part-way through a major programme to update, integrate and automate treasury and finance operations.

  • Gary Slawther, OCTAL

    Corporate View: 
    Gary Slawther, OCTAL

    In the world of plastics, OCTAL Petrochemicals is a relatively new, but rapidly expanding, kid on the block. It opened its major production facility in Oman in 2009, tripling production the following year to meet the accelerating global demand for PET sheet and PET resin, the key ingredients for literally millions of plastic products. With a multitude of patented technologies and proprietary processes to its name, OCTAL takes research and development very seriously.

  • V N Shankar, Rexam

    Corporate View: 
    V N Shankar, Rexam

    For V N Shankar, Head of Finance and IT for Rexam Healthcare, serious study must combine with solid real-world experience to create a fully rounded finance professional. It is a philosophy that has worked well for him as he takes the finance helm of one of the world’s leading medical packaging businesses.

  • Corina Keller, ALTANA

    Corporate View: 
    Corina Keller, ALTANA

    For Corina Keller, Head of Cash Management for ALTANA AG, treasury is a service provider first and foremost. But within the company’s decentralised and lean structure, she has worked hard to foster good relationships between functions and everyone is comfortable saying what needs to be said. As a formula for success her approach seems to be doing rather well.

  • Pepijn Asselberghs, Brand Loyalty

    Corporate View: 
    Pepijn Asselberghs, Brand Loyalty

    Pepijn Asselberghs’ arrival at Brand Loyalty in 2010 heralded some rapid growth within the company, seeing it expand into new territories and inevitably taking on greater FX risk and cash management complexity.

  • Gunjan Dhawan, Coca-Cola

    Corporate View: 
    Gunjan Dhawan, Coca-Cola

    When Gunjan Dhawan first arrived at Coca-Cola India in 2006, the treasury function was mostly transactional – today it is seen as a strategic business partner, with other parts of the business looking to treasury to find innovative solutions for their issues.

  • Stuart Kirk, Xerox

    Corporate View: 
    Stuart Kirk, Xerox

    Stuart Kirk attributes his disciplined methodological approach to his Yellow Belt for Lean Six Sigma business processes. His quest for clarity and order saw Kirk collecting the Best Foreign Exchange Solution at Treasury Today’s Adam Smith Awards 2013.

  • Dimitris Papathanasiou, Coca-Cola-HBC

    Corporate View: 
    Dimitris Papathanasiou, Coca-Cola HBC

    In moving from banking to the corporate sector, Dimitris Papathanasiou was looking for more excitement and variety. As Financial Risk Manager at Coca-Cola HBC, where there are many more things to do and fewer resources, he has certainly found what he was looking for.

  • Kuldeep Maheshwari, Volkswagen Group India

    Corporate View: 
    Kuldeep Maheshwari, Volkswagen Group India

    Kuldeep Maheshwari, together with two colleagues, took the unique opportunity to create a treasury centre from scratch, which five years on is almost complete. His next goal is to have all of treasury’s processes fully automated and in a global standard.

  • Neil Schloss, Vice President and Treasurer, Ford Motor Company

    Corporate View: 
    Neil Schloss, Ford Motor Company

    Armed with a wealth of experience at the sharp end of treasury, Neil Schloss, Vice President and Treasurer, engaged in one of the most important initiatives: the restructuring of Ford’s liquidity position, which was enhanced materially at the end of 2006 with a reworking of its bank facility to raise $23 billion.