• Neil Schloss, Vice President and Treasurer, Ford Motor Company

    Corporate View: 
    Neil Schloss, Ford Motor Company

    Armed with a wealth of experience at the sharp end of treasury, Neil Schloss, Vice President and Treasurer, engaged in one of the most important initiatives: the restructuring of Ford’s liquidity position, which was enhanced materially at the end of 2006 with a reworking of its bank facility to raise $23 billion.

  • Magnus Velander, Head of Treasury Asia, Group Treasury, Scania

    Corporate View: 
    Magnus Velander, Scania

    Scania’s Asian operations hold great promise for the future. The growth potential and challenging complexity of the region is what spurred Magnus Velander to join the company’s regional treasury centre (RTC) in Hong Kong.

  • Peter Schädelbauer, Head of Group Treasury, Lindner Group and Managing Director, Lindner Finanz

    Corporate View: 
    Peter Schädelbauer, Lindner Group

    Highly Commended in the 2012 Adam Smith Awards, Peter Schädelbauer re-engineered Lindner’s treasury so that it is capable of delivering the level of oversight and control necessary for survival in the worst of economic times.

  • David vermylen, Global Credit Manager, BP

    Corporate View: 
    David Vermylen, BP

    BP Petrochemicals’ David Vermylen explains how he has transformed credit management from a back office, filling out forms role to one that provides dynamic, responsive solutions stemming from much closer integration of credit management with business and commercial lines.

  • Mikko Sopanen, Director of Treasury, Lite-On Mobile

    Corporate View: 
    Mikko Sopanen, Lite-On Mobile

    Based in Singapore, Mikko Sopanen is leading a project in order to consolidate and centralise the cash flows, for importing and exporting, from all companies to the Asian headquarters. He refers to having had three “cash planets” within China, as each cross-border transaction and cash transfer is so restricted.

  • Michael McGovern, Irish Dairy Board

    Corporate View: 
    Michael McGovern, Irish Dairy Board

    The Irish Dairy Board (An Bord Bainne in Irish) is the country’s largest exporter of premium dairy products and a leading international food company with a global footprint extending to over 90 countries. Group Treasurer, Michael McGovern, tells Treasury Today about the changing face of the dairy industry and the pleasures and responsibilities of working within a co-operative.

  • Honnus Cheung, Travelzoo Asia Pacific

    Corporate View: 
    Honnus Cheung, Travelzoo

    When Travelzoo expanded to Asia in 2007, CFO Honnus Cheung had set up seven offices in cities across the Asia Pacific region within a 12-month period. In addition, heading an e-commerce company meant having the support of a good and robust e-banking platform to support not just the collections side but also to give visibility to the company’s treasury activities in the region.

  • Paul Pomroy, Chief Financial Officer, McDonald’s UK and Northern Europe

    Corporate View: 
    Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s

    As CFO of McDonald’s UK and Northern Europe operations, Paul Pomroy has a broad suite of responsibilities, with around £1 billion total annual spend at his disposal for company-owned and franchisee operations. Treasury needs to not only ensure the corporate function has the necessary funding, but also that all its franchisees can afford to get on board immediately with new initiatives.

  • Photo of Neil King

    Corporate View: 
    Neil King, Carphone Warehouse

    Carphone Warehouse Group (CPW) is the largest independent mobile phone retailer in Europe. The UK-based firm owns and operates about 2,400 retail outlets across the region. Outside the UK and Ireland, it trades as the Phone House. CPW’s current treasury operation consists of two teams, each with a treasury manager: one carrying out projects and development and the other covering operations. In total, the whole function is staffed by seven “jacks of all trades”, where previously it had accounted for up to 14 staff (immediately pre-demerger from TalkTalk).

  • Photo of Gary Williams

    Corporate View: 
    Gary Williams, Mitsubishi

    London-based Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc (MCIE) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), a global integrated business enterprise headquartered in Tokyo that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry including industrial finance, energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, foods, and environmental business.