• Kofi Erskine Aduku, Mubadala

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    Kofi Erskine Aduku, Mubadala

    If there is one character trait common to those who set benchmarks of excellence in any profession it is the willingness to continually look for new and better ways of doing things. Kofi Erskine Aduku has just that kind of outlook. In this article, he tells us how he came to be managing the financial risks for one of the Middle East’s largest investment and development companies and why in treasury, just like in the motorsport which he devotedly follows, one can never be complacent in the pursuit of efficiency.

  • Tim de Knegt, Port of Rotterdam

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    Tim de Knegt, Port of Rotterdam

    There is far more to the port of Rotterdam than simply unloading and loading ships, even if it is one of the busiest ports in the world. The industrial area that surrounds it, the complex infrastructure needed to support it, the local community – all have needs that must be met. As Treasurer of the publicly owned company that runs this vital part of northern Europe’s trade activity, Tim de Knegt has a personal philosophy that reflects the ever-evolving nature of port life.

  • Rajan Gupta, HYVA

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    Rajan Gupta, HYVA

    Whether it is augmenting HYVA’s working capital management, or navigating his company through one of the highest periods of FX volatility in decades, Rajan Gupta, Group Treasurer has long been comfortable with the heaviest of workloads. In this article, he tells us what attracted him initially to treasury and why the role continues to excite him to this day. He also explains how he managed to get on top of group liquidity management at a Dutch multinational that places a high value on local autonomy.

  • Jarno Timmerman, AkzoNobel

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    Jarno Timmerman, AkzoNobel

    Jarno Timmerman admits that he is a “strange animal in the world of corporate treasury” due to his unconventional path into the profession. Whereas many treasurers begin their career in areas such as accounting, finance, banking or auditing, Timmerman’s unique journey started on the courts of Europe’s professional volleyball leagues.

  • Ricky Thirion, Etihad Airways

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    Ricky Thirion, Etihad Airways

    Ricky Thirion has been with Etihad Airways since 2007 and oversees the Group Treasury, comprising the corporate treasury, corporate and structured finance, insurance, and payment solutions functions. He holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and various financial and business management related qualifications. Along with his team at Etihad Airways, Thirion is an Adam Smith Award winner and is also an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

  • Steven Wong, NOL

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    Steven Wong, Neptune Orient Lines Group

    With over three decades’ experience in the shipping and logistics industry, Steven Wong, Group Treasurer, Neptune Orient Lines Group, has guided the company through quite a few ups and downs in a cyclical sector. In more recent years, Wong has applied his knowledge and understanding of philosophy to make some important changes not only to the treasury but to the business.

  • George Zinn, Microsoft

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    George Zinn, Microsoft

    George Zinn started his working life on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. A few well-timed professional moves later he found himself at the doors of the mighty Microsoft Corporation where he was initially taken on as Financial Analyst. Having ascended the ranks and taken on the mantle of Corporate Vice President and Treasurer, Zinn entered the history books in 2009 by leading Microsoft’s AAA-rated $3.75 billion inaugural debt issuance. He talks to Treasury Today about keeping the world’s biggest software business in rude financial health – and reveals how one early career dream was an aspiration too far.

  • Russell Phillips, British American Tobacco

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    Russell Phillips, British American Tobacco

    Dynamism, adaptability and staying ahead of the curve are traits which Russell Phillips, Head of Treasury, Asia Pacific at British American Tobacco, has had to demonstrate during his tenure at the company. These qualities have been crucial as both organisational and technological changes have dramatically impacted the working methods and the responsibilities of the treasury department.

  • Kate Smedley, 2 Sisters Food Group

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    Kate Smedley, 2 Sisters Food Group

    Kate Smedley’s journey in treasury has seen her work for a broadcaster, an airports operator, a construction group, and most recently, a food manufacturer. She talks to Treasury Today about the benefits of working in a flexible way and how some corporates are adapting the way they employ and develop treasury staff.

  • Ingmar Bergmann, NSI N.V.

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    Ingmar Bergmann, NSI N.V.

    As former chairman of the Dutch ACT and a voluntary treasurer of a Premier League volleyball team, urban agriculture scheme and a local Judo club, NSI Corporate Treasurer and Head of Corporate Finance, Ingmar Bergmann is a certainly more than just a day-to-day treasurer. Bergmann reveals how his unique skill set and delight in working with people have shaped his impressive career.