• Matthew Clarke, Intertek

    Corporate View: 
    Matthew Clarke, Intertek

    It is not in the nature of Matthew Clarke to take the easy option. His career has been typified by throwing himself in at the deep end to ensure that he makes the most of every opportunity presented to him, the outcomes of which have been very rewarding.

  • Harjeet Kohli, Bharti Airtel

    Corporate View: 
    Harjeet Kohli, Bharti Airtel

    Harjeet Kohli, Group Head – Funding, Risk, Markets & Investors (GFRM) at Bharti Airtel, is a firm believer that success isn’t handed to you on a plate, it is earned. As a result, his career as an award-winning treasurer is heavily influenced by a strong desire to continue improving his skills and to continue learning.

  • Maciek Müldner, Skanska

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    Maciek Müldner, Skanska

    Recently making the move from Skanska’s construction sector to the company’s commercial development stream for Europe, Maciek Müldner, Financial Director, Skanska Property Poland & Risk Manager, Commercial Development Europe, Skanska, talks to Treasury Today about how his new focus on investing the company’s cash is shaping an opportunity-driven approach to risk.

  • Antti Kyyro, Nokia

    Corporate View: 
    Antti Kyyro, Nokia

    Beginning a new role or moving to an unfamiliar country can be a daunting experience. If these two steps are made simultaneously then it can be particularly formidable. If the opportunity is taken with both hands it can be very rewarding as Antti Kyyro, Head of Regional Treasury, APAC at Nokia found when he decided to make the move from Europe to Asia Pacific.

  • James Koh, Group Treasurer, Vertu

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    James Koh, Vertu

    Having built a number of treasuries from scratch, including his current team at Vertu, James Koh has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience and friendships on his journey so far. He tells Treasury Today how his early mentors shaped his view of the world for the better.

  • Mariano Tannenbaum, Arcos Dorados

    Corporate View: 
    Mariano Tannenbaum, Arcos Dorados

    What is different about corporate treasury in Latin America? According to Mariano Tannenbaum the list is a long one. In this article, he describes what it is like being a corporate treasurer in this notoriously diverse and complex region. He then explains how he and his team at Arcos Dorados were able to establish an almost completely centralised treasury function covering all 20 Latin American markets.

  • Christophe Liaudon, Neopost

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    Christophe Liaudon, Neopost

    Motivated by travel and the discovery of new cultures, Christophe Liaudon, has always sought an international outlook in his work. Although he has held his current position for well over a decade, his arrival in an industry that by definition is all about movement seems entirely appropriate. His approach to treasury carries a similar restlessness, always seeking out new and better ways of moving forwards.

  • Denis Ecknauer

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    Denis Ecknauer, ABB

    The job of the treasurer is very different from what it used to be. The scope of responsibilities has grown considerably in the past decade and many treasurers are finding the C-suite more receptive to their ideas and priorities than ever before. But to meet the growing requirements the job now places on them treasurers can no longer afford to work in isolation. In this article, Denis Ecknauer, APAC Regional Treasurer for ABB tells Treasury Today Asia why, early on in his career, he resolved to acquire a deeper understanding of the business and how this made him a better treasurer.

  • Kofi Erskine Aduku, Mubadala

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    Kofi Erskine Aduku, Mubadala

    If there is one character trait common to those who set benchmarks of excellence in any profession it is the willingness to continually look for new and better ways of doing things. Kofi Erskine Aduku has just that kind of outlook. In this article, he tells us how he came to be managing the financial risks for one of the Middle East’s largest investment and development companies and why in treasury, just like in the motorsport which he devotedly follows, one can never be complacent in the pursuit of efficiency.

  • Tim de Knegt, Port of Rotterdam

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    Tim de Knegt, Port of Rotterdam

    There is far more to the port of Rotterdam than simply unloading and loading ships, even if it is one of the busiest ports in the world. The industrial area that surrounds it, the complex infrastructure needed to support it, the local community – all have needs that must be met. As Treasurer of the publicly owned company that runs this vital part of northern Europe’s trade activity, Tim de Knegt has a personal philosophy that reflects the ever-evolving nature of port life.