• Matt Cornwall, Capita

    Corporate View: 
    Matt Cornwall, Capita

    The desire to constantly be learning new skills and taking on challenges is something that is hardwired into Matt Cornwall, Deputy Treasurer at Capita’s DNA. In fact, it is this desire to constantly be pushing forward that led him into the treasury profession in the first place. He has not looked back since.

  • Cefi Chen, Cummins

    Corporate View: 
    Cefi Chen, Cummins

    Cefi Chen has been at the forefront of the treasury profession in China for nearly 15 years and during this time she has witnessed some major changes. In this article, Chen discusses the growth of the treasury profession in China. She also explains why the current challenging macroeconomic conditions are providing opportunities for treasury to develop further.

  • Kenneth Ng, DFS Group

    Corporate View: 
    Kenneth Ng, DFS Group

    With over ten years at the helm of the DFS Group’s treasury operation, Kenneth Ng has seen the profession go through some changes in his time. Yet, his alignment with the company’s core beliefs and values has ensured that he has not only been able to build a function that is fit for purpose, but also one that goes above and beyond to ensure that it provides the business with the tools to succeed.

  • Mike Hirst, easyJet

    Corporate View: 
    Mike Hirst, easyJet

    There have been volatile times in recent years and as such, it seems pertinent to speak to a treasurer who has had first-hand experience with the increasingly strategic role of treasury, including the necessity to shield cash flows against volatility, and advising both the board and team on how best to do so.

  • Fulvio Barbuio, ABC

    Corporate View: 
    Fulvio Barbuio, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Fulvio Barbuio, Head Corporate Treasury & Risk at Australian Broadcasting Corporation, has seen many changes in his 30 plus years working in finance and treasury. The biggest of these being the evolution treasury has undergone since the global financial crisis (GFC). Here, Barbuio outlines his views on this transition and offers his advice on what treasury should focus on to ensure that it maintains its strategic mandate.

  • Guillermo Gualino, Vice President and Treasurer, Agilent

    Corporate View: 
    Guillermo Gualino, Agilent

    Guillermo Gualino, Vice President and Treasurer has never been one to shy away from a challenge. This, in fact, has been the hallmark of his career to date. Here, Gualino shares how this desire to take on the tough tasks combined with a philosophy rooted in the art of consulting has brought success and fostered a rather unique approach to treasury management.

  • Rakesh Kochhar, Senior Vice President, Global Treasury and Global Sales Finance, Nissan

    Corporate View: 
    Rakesh Kochhar, Nissan Motor Company Ltd

    To be given full responsibility for a treasury department just four years into your working career is no small feat. But Rakesh Kochhar, Senior Vice President, Global Treasury and Global Sales Finance at Nissan, has demonstrated his capabilities in two continents and is evidence that self-motivation – with the ability to learn from experience – is key to success.

  • Pratibha Advani, Tata Communications

    Corporate View: 
    Pratibha Advani, Tata Communications

    With more than two decades of experience in corporate finance, Pratibha Advani has built a reputation for knowing exactly what is required to take a company forward. Her most recent role, as CFO for a global telecommunications company with Indian roots, is a challenge she relishes and one which allows her to exercise her creative impulses to their fullest extent.

  • Marek Chrusciel, Play

    Corporate View: 
    Marek Chruściel, Play

    Any treasurer who doubts the efficacy of virtual accounts should listen to the story Marek Chruściel, Treasury Director at Play tells. Every month, Play handles millions of incoming payments all through the company’s recently established virtual account structure. But before sharing with us the secret of this success, Chruściel talks about how his career in finance got started, why treasurers need a broad education and why the virtual account solution is only just the beginning of his efforts to transform the treasury function at Play.

  • Stephen Hogan, DHL

    Corporate View: 
    Stephen Hogan, Deutsche Post DHL Group

    Stephen Hogan, Vice President, Regional Treasury Asia Pacific at Deutsche Post DHL Group is not someone who enjoys being bogged down by mundane processes. In his view, the real value of the treasury department is in providing strategic support to the business and helping it to achieve its full potential.