• Robin Gregson, CFO, Lookers plc

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    Robin Gregson, Lookers plc

    Robin Gregson is CFO for major UK motor group, Lookers plc. With a penchant for numbers and a passion for cars, he is ideally placed to take the business to the next stage. But is the time right for growth?

  • Vincent Liu, Asia Commercial Treasury Leader, GE

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    Vincent Liu, General Electric

    Guiding the GE Asia treasury into a new era has been the challenge of a lifetime for Vincent Liu, Asia Commercial Treasury Leader at GE. In this article he details how he has redefined the role of treasury within the organisation – and why a combination of people and technology has been key to his success.

  • Miguel Trinidad, Corporate Treasurer, Mexichem

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    Miguel Trinidad, Mexichem

    In plotting his career path, Miguel Trinidad, Corporate Treasurer at Mexichem, has carefully picked roles that have enabled him to build a skillset to reach the very top of the profession. Now he is building a best in class treasury department that seeks to add value to the organisation.

  • Eddie Mak, Group Treasurer, Kerry Logistics

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    Eddie Mak, Kerry Logistics

    Since entering the corporate treasury profession five years ago, Eddie Mak, Group Treasurer at Kerry Logistics, has been on a mission to ensure treasury provides value within his organisation. The key to this mission has been making sure that treasury is not seen as the ‘bad guy’ by the business units.

  • Sonam Donkar, PepsiCo

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    Sonam Donkar, PepsiCo

    As the Treasury Head at one of the largest multinationals operating in India, Sonam Donkar has reached the zenith of the profession. The road has not always been straightforward, but what sets Donkar apart is her self-belief and her drive to further the profile of corporate treasury. Her ambition now is to share this passion and knowledge with those around her in order to further the development of the profession in India.

  • Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Johnson Controls

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    Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Johnson Controls

    When first offered a job in treasury, Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer at Johnson Controls, decided it wasn’t for him. Fifteen years later he is an integral part of one of the world’s top treasury teams with a wealth of treasury experience under his belt. Building on this success, Vandiepenbeeck has ambitions to develop in his role and beyond.

  • Cale Bennett, Group Treasurer, Tatts Group

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    Cale Bennett, Tatts Group

    Fuelled by the desire to show that treasury is much more than a support or compliance function, Cale Bennett is a treasurer who looks to add value across the whole organisation. His approach sees him expand the scope of the treasurers’ role, delivering tangible and impressive results.

  • Janko Hahn, Head of Treasury Operations, Autoneum

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    Janko Hahn, Autoneum

    It has been a busy few years for Janko Hahn, Head of Treasury Operations at Autoneum. Since assuming control of the treasury operations function he has worked tirelessly to drive efficiency, keep the business abreast of changing regulations and stay ahead of the technology curve. Here, Hahn details how his cooperative and inclusive approach to treasury has enabled him to do this effectively and with great results.

  • Wan Chun Shong, Tan Chong Group

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    Wan Chun Shong, Tan Chong Group

    Can a treasurer become a CEO? Wan Chun Shong, Treasurer at Tan Chong Group certainly believes so. In his view, corporate treasury professionals have the perfect balance of strategic insight and financial acumen that can allow them to rise to the very top of a company. In this profile, he outlines how he has worked to elevate the standing of the treasury function within his company and at the same time raise his hand as a business leader of the future.

  • Fred Schacknies, VP & Assistant Treasurer, Hilton

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    Fred Schacknies, Hilton

    Creating something that he can be proud of, be it a best in class treasury function or a photograph that can be hung on the wall of his home, is something that Fred Schacknies, SVP & Treasurer at Hilton continually strives for. But he is not just interested in the result – he is fascinated by the process of getting there and the combination of art and science that underpins this.