• Silver Zuskin, Finance Director and EMEA Treasurer, Dell

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    Silver Zuskin, Dell

    Silver Zuskin is Finance Director and EMEA Treasurer for Dell. With Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) and Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) qualifications under his belt, he has accumulated global experience across multiple functions including treasury, accounting, business process and trade finance. This has prepared him well for a life of change within one of the world’s best-known tech multinationals.

  • Bikash Mukherjee, Amway India

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    Bikash Mukherjee, Amway India

    Bikash Mukherjee, AVP – Head of Treasury at Amway India, strives to be ahead of the game and his storied career is punctuated with innovation after innovation. Here he reveals the secret of his success and what is next on the agenda.

  • Adam Richford, Renewi plc

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    Adam Richford, Renewi plc

    Driven by an interest in corporate transformations, Adam Richford, Group Treasurer, Renewi plc, is now changing the treasury of a company operating at the heart of the ‘circular’ economy. Starting the financial year with ten key treasury projects, progress for him remains a motivating force.

  • Timothy Mukopi, Oxfam GB

    Timothy Mukopi, Oxfam GB

    Oxfam GB is a member of Oxfam International, a confederation of 20 organisations working across more than 90 countries. Focused on a number of goals such as saving lives, safeguarding global food supplies and championing equal rights for women, Oxfam raises funds through a mixture of institutional fundraising, public fundraising, interest and investment, trading and other sources. The organisation’s activities range from short-term emergency relief to long-term programme work.

  • Vasu Reddy, Treasury Leader, Sub Saharan Africa, GE Capital

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    Vasu Reddy, GE Africa

    A healthy body and healthy mind. This is what keeps Vasu Reddy, Treasury Leader, Sub Saharan Africa, for GE Capital, in touch with his expansive 25-country territory. And with his fair share of challenging conditions to tackle, he needs to be ready with the right solutions.

  • Wei Li-Tuomela, VP, Treasurer China, Stora Enso

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    Wei Li-Tuomela, Stora Enso

    Wei Li-Tuomela, VP, Treasurer China at Stora Enso, thrives on challenges. Indeed, her career has been defined by two major projects that have redefined the role of treasury in China at Stora Enso. Now her ambition is to build upon this foundation and future-proof the department.

  • Scott Engle, Group Treasurer, AIA

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    Scott Engle, AIA

    Scott Engle, Group Treasurer at AIA is keen to ensure that his treasury team is well positioned to safeguard and drive the success of the organisation. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his career and the work he has done to make AIA an award-winning treasury.

  • Fabrizio Masinelli, Group Treasurer, Panini

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    Fabrizio Masinelli, Panini

    As the president of the Italian Association of Corporate Treasurers, Fabrizio Masinelli, Group Treasurer at Panini is determined to make his mark. He talks to Treasury Today about his passion for the profession and his belief in co-operation.

  • Helen Hanby, Director, International Treasury, ACMA, AMCT, Biogen

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    Helen Hanby, Biogen

    When life presents opportunities, take them. This is the unofficial motto by which Helen Hanby, Director, International Treasury at Biogen, lives. We discover how this has translated into an award-winning career – and a mammoth cycling challenge.

  • Amit Baraskar, Vice President & Head – Treasury, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd

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    Amit Baraskar, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd

    Treasury is a passion that runs deep for Amit Baraskar, Vice President & Head – Treasury, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. In his current role, he is tasked with shaping the strategic vision of the treasury department and ensuring that it is well positioned to support the group as it enters a period of rapid expansion and spreads its wings across the globe.