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    An assisting role

    What skills and experience are necessary for treasury assistants? How do successful candidates progress? Treasury Today asks these questions and more to shine a light on the role in the first of this new series focused on the different rungs of the treasury career ladder.

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    Mind the gap

    As the end of the year fast approaches, some may be thinking about New Year resolutions, or perhaps how yet another year has passed by without those determinations being fulfilled. Treasury Today looks at the best advice for making 2016 the year for climbing up the career ladder.

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    A day in the life: interim treasury

    For the interim treasurer, a number of skills must fall into place to be a success. It can be hard work finding the next assignment but the rewards both financially and in terms of job satisfaction can make it all worthwhile. What pleasures and pains does the role hold for practitioners?

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    Upgrade or delete

    At a time when the role of treasurer has taken on a new level of importance, up-to-the-minute technical knowledge is vital. But, as the rest of the business wants to hear what the treasurer has to say, it is time to evaluate the so-called ‘soft skills’ too.