• Photo of Naveed Sultan

    Bank Interview: 
    Naveed Sultan, Citi Global Transaction Services

    Will the Single euro Payments Area (SEPA) be genuinely useful to corporates? Naveed Sultan, Managing Director, Cash Management Head, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Citi, explains the potential benefits, such as the simplification of bank account structures across the Eurozone.

  • Alan Lin & Frank Xing, Citigroup China

    Bank Interview: 
    Alan Lin & Frank Xing, Citigroup China

    Shared Service Centres (SSCs) have been an area of interest for companies and banks around the globe for many years. Citigroup has been a pioneer in implementing SSCs in China. In the following paragraphs, Frank Xing and Alan Lin from Citigroup share their China experience of recent years, provide practitioner’s market insights, highlight aspects of the current situation and discuss the future of SSCs.

  • Photo of Clare Francis

    Bank Interview: 
    Clare Francis, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets

    Clare Francis, Managing Director and Head of Sales, Financial Markets at Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets, talks about the bank’s key developments since the merger of its relationship banking, structured finance, debt capital markets and risk management businesses. She also looks at corporate products development and the trends in treasury in 2007.

  • Photo of Richard Moseley

    Bank Interview: 
    Richard Moseley, HSBC

    Richard Moseley, Head of Global Transaction Banking, Corporates at HSBC talks to us on the most pressing issues in the treasury payments business – SEPA and expanding the supply chain.

  • Photo of Michael Guralnick

    Bank Interview: 
    Michael Guralnick, Citigroup Global Transaction Services

    Michael Guralnick, Citigroup Global Transaction Services talks to us about the bank’s GTS strategy in Europe, including Eastern Europe. He also discusses the themes under discussion with clients as well as the key challenges facing treasurers today.

  • Brian Tsang, HSBC

    Bank Interview: 
    Brian Tsang, HSBC

    What is your role at HSBC?

    I’m the Head of Payments and Cash Management for HSBC China. I was posted to China in December 2004 and I’ve been here around 16-17 months. My major responsibility is to oversee the business development, product management and client management functions of the cash management business for HSBC in China.

  • Bruno Lavole, Head of International Cash Management, BNP Paribas

    Bank Interview: 
    Bruno Lavole, BNP Paribas

    BNP Paribas is a European leader in banking and financial services, with leading positions in Asia and a growing presence in the United States. It is the number one bank in terms of net income and market capitalisation in the euro zone. The group has one of the largest international banking networks throughout 87 countries and has over 110,000 employees worldwide.

  • Ruud Nijs, Head of Financial Logistics, Rabobank

    Bank Interview: 
    Ruud Nijs, Rabobank

    Rabobank’s Head of Financial Logistics, Ruud Nijs, talks to Treasury Today on his role at the bank’s new business line, Financial Logistics, which offers short-term banking support for its clients’ financial and administrative processes.

  • Jon Theuerkauf, Head of Best Practice, Global Transaction Banking, HSBC

    Bank Interview: 
    Jon Theuerkauf, HSBC

    Jon talks to Treasury Today about how HSBC uses Six Sigma and suggests the tools and techniques that can be of use to the treasury function.

  • Andrew England, Deutsche Bank

    Bank Interview: 
    Andrew England, Deutsche Bank

    This is the first in an occasional series of interviews with senior bankers. Every month we interview a corporate treasurer and we thought it was time that we talked to leading bankers and got their views.