• Photo of Karen Fawcett

    Bank Interview: 
    Karen Fawcett, Standard Chartered

    Everyone has heard of Standard Chartered but do you know how big the bank is or where exactly it operates? In this interview, Karen Fawcett tells Treasury Today how this big bank is becoming the leading transactional bank for companies and institutional clients for and in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

  • Bank Interview: 
    Federico Papa, Santander

    With a market capitalisation of over €90 billion, Santander is one of the world’s top 10 financial groups by market value. Santander operates in continental Europe, the UK (under Abbey) and Latin America and has 69 million customers worldwide. This month we speak to Federico Papa about developments in global trade and Santander’s supply chain solutions.

  • Wen Jin Xiang, Manager, CITIC Bank

    Bank Interview: 
    Wen Jin Xiang, CITIC Bank

    In this interview, Wen Jin Xiang, general manager of corporate banking at China Citic Bank talks to us about China’s nascent cash management business.

  • Ruud Nijs, Rabobank

    Bank Interview: 
    Ruud Nijs, Rabobank

    In this interview, Ruud Nijs, Head of Financial Logistics, Rabobank, digs deep into the area of supply chain management, identifying the three layers to the supply chain – physical, information and financial. He looks at new technology including portals, mobile payments, XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) and RFID, as well as the role SWIFT Trade Services Utility (TSU) can play in making the supply chain more efficient.

  • Photo of Robin Terry and Yera Hagopian

    Bank Interview: 
    Robin Terry & Yera Hagopian, HSBC

    In this interview Robin and Yera share their views on the key issues and drivers in liquidity management, why and how HSBC has responded to their clients’ needs and the future for liquidity solutions.

  • Photo of Marilyn Spearing

    Bank Interview: 
    Marilyn Spearing, Deutsche Bank

    In this interview Marilyn shares her views on whether Deutsche Bank can become a global player, what SEPA is leading to and whether banks can add value to managing the supply chain.

  • Photo of Naveed Sultan

    Bank Interview: 
    Naveed Sultan, Citi Global Transaction Services

    Will the Single euro Payments Area (SEPA) be genuinely useful to corporates? Naveed Sultan, Managing Director, Cash Management Head, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Citi, explains the potential benefits, such as the simplification of bank account structures across the Eurozone.

  • Alan Lin & Frank Xing, Citigroup China

    Bank Interview: 
    Alan Lin & Frank Xing, Citigroup China

    Shared Service Centres (SSCs) have been an area of interest for companies and banks around the globe for many years. Citigroup has been a pioneer in implementing SSCs in China. In the following paragraphs, Frank Xing and Alan Lin from Citigroup share their China experience of recent years, provide practitioner’s market insights, highlight aspects of the current situation and discuss the future of SSCs.

  • Photo of Clare Francis

    Bank Interview: 
    Clare Francis, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets

    Clare Francis, Managing Director and Head of Sales, Financial Markets at Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets, talks about the bank’s key developments since the merger of its relationship banking, structured finance, debt capital markets and risk management businesses. She also looks at corporate products development and the trends in treasury in 2007.

  • Photo of Richard Moseley

    Bank Interview: 
    Richard Moseley, HSBC

    Richard Moseley, Head of Global Transaction Banking, Corporates at HSBC talks to us on the most pressing issues in the treasury payments business – SEPA and expanding the supply chain.